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10 Commandments of independnte filmmaking
Film & Television 10th Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

Movie making has changed direction big time. The only thing that has stayed the same is that making a movie is hard work; but it's not difficult if you follow these 10 basic steps:
20 Hollywood Literary Management Companies You Must Know About
Screenwriting 7th Apr 2017

screenwriting, scriptwriting, agent, manager, literary management company

Figuring out how to get a bona fide literary management company to represent you is complicated, especially if you’re new(ish) to the entertainment industry.
How to submit a TV show proposal to Mzansi Magic or Vuzu?
Film & Television 7th Apr 2017

Mzansi Magic, Vuzu

TVSA has been receiving loads of queries regarding both Vuzu and Mzansi Magic so they investigated.
How To Prepare For Recording Your Voiceover Demo
Acting 7th Apr 2017

acting, acting tips, acting advice, voice over artists

Preparing to record the tracks for your voiceover demo is an opportunity to establish an effective routine for yourself as a professional talent. That begins with training.
YouTube Will Require Channels To Have At Least 10,000 Views Before Allowing Them To Run Ads
Social Media 7th Apr 2017

social media, YouTube

In its quest to fight back against unlicensed re-uploads of popular videos, a process commonly referred to as “freebooting,” YouTube is imposing a limit within its partner program.
20th Annual BASA Awards now open for entries
Opportunities 6th Apr 2017

BASA Awards, Business and Arts South Afric

The 20th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard & Business Day, are now open for entries from business and arts partnerships that were activated between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016.
New Amazon Program Is “Exclusively Designed For Social Media Influencers With Large Followings”
Social Media 6th Apr 2017

social media, Amazon

mazon wants to corral high-profile content creators by offering them commissions on the goods they promote in their videos. The retailer has launched a beta version of its Amazon Influencer Program
Documentary funds available from Bertha BRITDOC
Finance & Funding 6th Apr 2017

film finance, film funding, film grants, Bertha BRITDOC

The Bertha BRITDOC Journalism Fund is an international film fund dedicated to supporting long form feature documentaries of a journalistic nature.
Your Actor Horoscopes for April 2017
Acting 6th Apr 2017

acting, acting tips, acting advice

Spring has sprung and you’ve likely been feeling a little levity in your step as the Sun makes its way to above the equator. As there is indeed a season for everything, this is the season for retrogrades:
Using photos from Flickr to compare lenses
Technical 6th Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, camera lenses

Before you go out and pay $300-500 or more on a new lens, wouldn't it help to know what kind of pictures that lens will actually give you? That's where Lens vs. Lens, a website that uses photos from Flickr to show you how lenses perform, comes in handy.