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Hank Green Defends YouTube In Bitter Standoff With Top Music Execs, Artists
Social Media 13th May 2016
YouTube has been caught in the music industry’s crosshairs of late, as leading artists and executives alike bemoan that revenues from the predominantly ad-supported platform are meager in comparison to those generated by subscription services like Spotify.
Promoting Your Film on Social Media
Social Media 6th May 2016
Raising awareness of your projects over social media doesn’t have to be a chore. Yes, it can be a lot of work, but if you have a clear game plan before you start, everything is going to have a much better chance of falling into place.
YouTube To Change Content ID Policy To Let Creators Profit From Disputed Videos
Social Media 3rd May 2016

Youtube, filmmaking tips, fair use, Content ID Policy

The video site has announced a change that will allow uploaders whose videos receive Content ID claims to accrue ad revenue on those videos as they contest the claims against them.
Facebook Challenges Freebooting with Rights Manager:
Social Media 18th Apr 2016
In order to assist its video community, Facebook has officially announced a tool that will strike back against infringement. It has unveiled its Rights Manager service, which mirrors YouTube’s Content ID system in its ability to identify and strike down freebooted uploads.
The Good, The Bad, And The Fake: The Rise Of YouTube’s Prank Video Genre
Social Media 18th Apr 2016
According to analytics firm Tubular Labs, overall prank videos ON YouTube accounted for 17.7 billion views in 2015.
YouTube: brands and South African YouTubers should cozy up
Social Media 4th Apr 2016
Teju Ajani, YouTube head of content partnerships for Sub–Saharan Africa, is adamant that YouTubers and brands belong together.
Instagram Quadruples Maximum Video Length To 60 Seconds Starting Today
Social Media 1st Apr 2016
This might serve as some welcome news to the hordes of creators freaking out about Instagram’s impending algorithm change: the company announced today that it is quadrupling maximum video lengths from 15 to 60 seconds.
Periscope celebrates first birthday, 200m broadcasts to date
Social Media 30th Mar 2016

social media, periscope, twitter, live video streaming

Periscope claims that over 200-million broadcasts have been made on its platform, and over 110 years of live video are watched every day on its iOS and Android apps.
Who is Generation Hashtag? And how can you unleash the Power of Fans?
Social Media 24th Mar 2016
Find out in this exclusive MIPTV-MIPCOM white paper by Bain & Company