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DJI Spark: the new entry level consumer drone
Technical 30th May 2017

drones, DJI, DJI Spark

A spark of genius? DJI bills its new $499, cellphone-sized Spark drone as “the easy and fun camera drone for everyone.”
Shooting Day-for-Night on a Micro-Budget Feature
Technical 29th May 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, shooting day for night

If you don’t want the inconvenience of a night time shoot, or you don’t have the latest low-light camera, day-for-night could be the way to go.
Watch: How Does an iPhone 7 Plus Stack Up Against an ARRI Alexa?
Technical 24th May 2017

cameras, iPhone 7 Plus, ARRI Alexa

The iPhone 7 Plus has a pretty powerful camera, but how well does it perform next to the industry favorite ARRI Alexa?
Turn your cellphone into a light meter
Technical 9th May 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, lighting, lighting tips

With the smartphone becoming steadily more and more ubiquitous, it's even managing to worm it's way into areas of our life where it can replace bits of kit once deemed essential. The light meter is a case in point.
Using the Apple iPhone 7 to Capture Amazing Videos
Technical 8th May 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, distribution, iPhone 7

As a videographer, you are probably used to carrying around large cameras and plenty of extra equipment when shooting a video. Now, thanks to Apple’s iPhone 7, you can give your arm and shoulder muscles a break and capture some pretty incredible video with a smartphone
Hands on with the surprise new Sony a9 mirrorless camera
Technical 26th Apr 2017

cameras, Sony, Sony a9 mirrorless camera

Ned Soltz was one of the first people in the world to try Sony’s surprise new mirrorless camera, the high-end a9, in an eight-hour shoot in New York. He’s impressed with what he found.
How to Set Up a Home Voiceover Studio
Technical 21st Apr 2017

voice over, voice over studio

In today’s digital world, if you don’t have a home recording studio or the ability to record from home, you can kiss a career in voiceover goodbye. That said, this does not have to be an exorbitant undertaking.
The portable gear you need to shoot really lightweight
Technical 20th Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

When you are travelling light you will always have to make some compromises. But, with the right gear, it is entirely possible to obtain shots with a cinematic sensibility without needing to hire Sherpas!
5 Tips on How to Instantly Make Your Film Look More Cinematic
Technical 10th Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

You don't need a whole lot of bells and whistles to make your film look cinematic