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Marketing Your Film in the Digital Age
Distribution 15th Apr 2016
The digital age is in full effect, and while the methods of marketing your film have changed, the principles have not.
When Do I Release My Film — and Where? Release Windows, Demystified
Distribution 1st Apr 2016
Digital distribution has thrown traditional release windows… out the window. What happens now?
How Crowdfunding Can Screw Your Distribution Plan
Distribution 24th Mar 2016
What you do in your crowdfunding campaign can affect the final release of your film — positively and negatively. Here's what you should keep in mind from the start.
How Self-Distributed Documentary 'The Resurrection of Jake the Snake' Hit #1 on iTunes
Distribution 18th Mar 2016
These filmmakers single-handedly ensured that their movie hit #1 on iTunes. Here's how they did it — numbers and all.
How To Grow Your Audience (For Filmmakers)
Distribution 15th Mar 2016
Is there a better way to grow and own your audience?
What VOD's Growing Dominance Means For Indie Filmmakers
Distribution 9th Mar 2016
A new study by MoffettNathanson shows that American subscribers to Netflix alone "streamed 29 billion hours of video last year." Let's check out what this seismic shift means for indie filmmakers.
5 Movie Distribution Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb
Distribution 24th Feb 2016
When it comes to movie distribution, filmmakers make silly mistakes.
What’s an Aggregator & Why Do You Need One to Get On iTunes & Beyond?
Distribution 23rd Feb 2016
How do you get your film on iTunes, Google Play, Hulu, Netflix and other giant platforms where new audiences can see the film? It’s easier than you think, and the bottom line is: get an aggregator.
From A to Z: How to Get Your Micro-Budget Feature in Front of as Many Eyeballs as Possible
Distribution 22nd Feb 2016
To get our movie to a sustainable place and with a very limited amount of money to work with required a very specific set of adjustments and expectations from the very beginning.
7 Important Things To Know Before Pitching Your TV Pilot to Networks
Distribution 22nd Feb 2016
Four network execs showed up with some helpful advice at last week's panel on pitching, hosted by the NYTVF.