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Google introduces News Lab, a project to birth journalists on steroids
Media 25th Jun 2015

journalists, Google, News Lab

Google has announced a new project called News Lab, designed to give journalism more power. The site is a new effort by the company to empower innovation in which technology and media work far more closely and efficiently together.
Just a few days left to save 34% off the full MIPCOM 2015 rate!
Media 23rd Jun 2015
MIPCOM, the world’s entertainment content market, gathers the TV industry’s leading players for 4 dynamic days of networking, conferences, exhibition, keynotes and screenings.
Demand for online video soars in SA
Media 22nd Jun 2015

online video

South Africans are racing to adopt video and are watching more and longer rich media clips on smartphones, new research shows.
What does Apple News mean for SA publishers?
Media 12th Jun 2015

Apple, Publishing, media, tools

Apple introduced its latest app, Apple News on Monday 8 June 2015, in California, however it will officially launch with iOS 9 later this year.
Reuters to offer free content to Web publishers
Media 11th Jun 2015

media, Reuters, Web publishers

Reuters announced Tuesday a plan to offer free content — including pictures, video and text — to online publishers en masse for the first time in the news agency’s 160-year history.
The death of online communication
Media 11th Jun 2015

media, FPB, Film and Publication Board

The death of online communication in South Africa is looming.
Follow Up: IAB formally engages FPB on online censorship
Media 8th Jun 2015

iab, FPB, Film and Publications Board, online censorship

The Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa (IAB) has formally engaged the Film and Publications Board (FPB) with regards the latter’s recently gazetted Draft Online Regulation Policy.
IAB formally engages FPB on online censorship
Media 4th Jun 2015

iab, FPB, on online censorship, Film and Publications Board

The Draft Policy, as currently tabled, has potentially far-reaching implications for free speech in South Africa, and doesn’t address a large number of operational challenges the FPB will face in attempting to implement and enforce it.
Mike Carter heads up IAB’s new Media Innovation portfolio
Media 29th May 2015

iab, Mike Carter, Media Innovation

In its efforts to keep the South African digital industry abreast of latest global developments, the IAB has established a new Media Innovation portfolio, the new portfolio will initially focus on addressing the industry’s knowledge gaps when it comes to programmatic media.
#freeajstaff campaign scoops major PR award
Media 26th May 2015

Peter Greste, Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy, Abdullah Elshamy, #freeajstaff campaign

The campaign to secure the release of Peter Greste, Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy and Abdullah Elshamy has won a major PR Award.