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CCIFSA announces its inaugural office bearers
Other 27th Mar 2015
The new office bearers were voted in through a highly contested run at a historical CCIFSA elective conference that was held on 23 and 24 March, 2015 in Bloemfontein
Google just made near-infinite storage cheap and easy
Other 12th Mar 2015
HAVE AN EXTRA petabyte of data sitting around? Today the company that has already amassed a huge chunk of the world’s data has made it easier to sock away a whole lot more.
Superfish blows up in Lenovo’s face
Other 24th Feb 2015
Lenovo did not set out to compromise its customers' security. But its behaviour makes it a greedy accomplice.
Two very important things to remember before migrating to the cloud
Other 27th Nov 2014
The reality is that a well-constructed cloud computing solution can go a long way in reducing IT costs, while increasing operational efficiency and reducing business risk.
Mauritius: Minister Choonee Launches White Paper On Arts and Culture
Other 6th Nov 2014
A White Paper Creative Mauritius – Vision 2025, outlining the cultural policy framework for the Arts and Culture sector of Mauritius, was launched today in Port-Louis.
Data hoarding could put your business on the wrong side of the law
Other 15th Oct 2014
As yet another barrage of data leakages makes news headlines businesses need to consider whether these security incidents are as a result of data hoarding issues or due to operational oversight.
5 handy collaboration tools your startup team can use to be more efficient
Other 31st Aug 2014
Any startup using email as their primary mode of communication when it comes to managing projects should understand that it takes an unnecessary amount of time and energy.