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Apple Could Launch Original Content In Tandem With iPhone 7
Distribution 4th Feb 2016
Apple may be looking to become a player in the world of streaming video, and it might reveal its plans later this year. A recent report from TheStreet cites an anonymous source who said that Apple could unveil a slate of original programming this fall, in tandem with its iPhone 7 announcement.
Film Crowdfunding Platform Seed&Spark Launches Distribution Arm
Distribution 26th Jan 2016
Seed&Spark, the film-focused crowdfunding platform, is launching a new distribution arm focused on experimenting with creative distribution strategies, in which filmmakers themselves will be instrumental.
Free film distribution checklist
Distribution 11th Jan 2016
If you are seeking film distribution, this will be useful.
Self-Distribution: You Don’t Have to (And Probably Shouldn't) Do It All Yourself
Distribution 26th Nov 2015
The Director of Independent Film at Tugg has some thoughts to share on how to maximize self-distribution.
DOC NYC ’15: Finding the right distribution deal, sales agent
Distribution 25th Nov 2015
Newly installed ‘POV’ executive producer Justine Nagan kicked off a day of panels devoted to audience strategy at DOC NYC PRO by outlining the types of distribution deals available to doc makers.
17 Pro tips for marketing your film or series
Distribution 17th Nov 2015

distribution, filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips

Over the past few weeks Marcus Taylor has had a number of conversations with people involved in film & TV marketing about how best to use social media to virally promote movies and TV series online.
New South African Superhero TV Series 'Jongo' Draws Distributors
Distribution 16th Nov 2015


Jongo," a new superhero TV series from Johannesburg-based film and television studio, Motion Story, was picked up for distribution by Discover Digital, South African network e.tv and Ebony Life TV, to be distribution partners for the series, starting in 2016.
6 Keys to Getting Your Documentary Out into the World
Distribution 12th Nov 2015

distribution, documentaries, film marketing

It's a great time for documentaries, but you still need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd.
6 Tips to Get Your Film Financed and Distributed
Distribution 9th Nov 2015

Film Funding, distribution, film finance

In an increasingly confusing world for independent film, industry heavyweights weigh in on how to get your film made.
How to Avoid Crappy Video On Demand Distribution Deals
Distribution 6th Nov 2015

distribution, vod, video on demand

We should all run in the streets cheering. Video on demand distribution has ushered in the era of small business filmmaking. You can create your own mini movie studio. And you can distribute your movie without asking permission.