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Shooting Schedule Pro Tips for a 10-Page Shoot Day
Film & Television 23rd Nov 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, shooting schedule

Studio Binder shows you how to schedule a ten-page shoot if you’re looking to maximize your budget constraints.
Two successes in a row for Joburg documentary filmmakers
Film & Television 22nd Nov 2016

Gauteng Film Commission, Davison Mudzingwa, Themba Vilakazi, Francis Yannicq Hweshe

Johannesburg-based filmmaking trio Davison Mudzingwa, Themba Vilakazi and Francis Yannicq Hweshe are fast making a name for themselves in the industry following the release of two international award-winning documentaries in a row.
Robert De Niro's Making How Much?! TV Is Becoming an ATM for Top Talent
Film & Television 21st Nov 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice

Meryl Streep is getting $825,000 an episode for 'The Nix' as competition from Netflix and Amazon has overheated the market for A-list stars and creators willing to forgo traditional backends.
Puppet Nation ZA Exclusive to StarSat, Nominated for a 2016 International Emmy Award
Film & Television 18th Nov 2016

Both Worlds, Puppet Nation ZA

Number one South African satirical news programme broadcast on StarSat and produced by Both Worlds - Puppet Nation ZA, has been nominated for a 2016 International Emmy Award in the Best Comedy category.
Kyle Lewis dominates SA Hip Hop Awards
Film & Television 18th Nov 2016

Arcade Content, Kyle Lewis

Arcade Content’s Kyle Lewis directed five of the ten Best Music Video nominees at the South African Hip Hop Awards.
Even more international awards for Terence Neale
Film & Television 17th Nov 2016

Egg Films, Terence Neale

2016 has been an awful year, unless your name is Terence Neale.
Join Wesgrow for a seminar with the Italian Film Focus delagation
Film & Television 17th Nov 2016

Wesgrow, Italian Film Focus

Wesgrow cordially invites you to a seminar with this years Italian Film Focus delegation and a special presentation by Prof. Antonio Falduto.
Watch: time-lapse artist Rory Allen “adds awe and wonder”
Film & Television 16th Nov 2016

time-lapse video, Rory Allen, A Lapse In Time: Volume III

Rory Allen has released A Lapse In Time: Volume III, an awe-inducing compilation of his time-lapse work across South Africa and everywhere from Germany to Namibia, the Seychelles to Thailand, and Vietnam to Zambia.