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Call for Submissions: CMG Action Grant — up to $10,000 for your environmental short film
Finance & Funding 28th Jul 2016

grants, film grants, CMG Action Grant

For the second year, Points North Institute is partnering with the Conservation Media Group to award a CMG Action Grant of up to $10,000 at this year’s Camden International Film Festival.
Submit your crowdfunding video or trailer to fund your film. Total prize value $28,998
Finance & Funding 26th Jul 2016

Film competitions, The Audience Awards, ReelPitch challenge

Filmmakers from around the globe are invited to submit a pitch video of your film or web series and an industry jury + the global audience will select their favorites to award a share of $28,998 to four deserving film projects.
nextPix/firstPix is now assisting with Crowd funding Grants for 2016
Finance & Funding 25th Jul 2016

film financing, film funding, crowdfunding

nextPix will offer funding of up to 5K through the crowd funding campaign of the filmmaker's choice. nextPix will also publicize the selected project(s) through its own website and may assist filmmakers in promoting their project.
Reelio’s New ‘Greenlight’ Service Lets Marketers Sponsor Creators’ Passion Projects
Finance & Funding 21st Jul 2016

Influencer marketing, Reelio, Reelio Greenlight

Influencer marketing platform Reelio has launched Reelio Greenlight, which will give marketers the ability to search through a library of prospective projects from creators — before each production has gone live — for potential brand integration opportunities.
Micro-Budget Filmmaking: Stretch Every Dollar
Finance & Funding 18th Jul 2016

filmmaking tips, film funding, film finance

Micro-budget filmmaking is no joke. You have to stretch every single dollar you spend, and utilize every single minute you have, and wear plenty of creative hats.
Independents seeking funding for films or wanting their TV projects licensed … this investor talks about what gets his attention…
Finance & Funding 14th Jul 2016

filmmaking tips, film funding, film finance, film investors

Syd and his team have helped raise funds for some of the world’s top grossing films and agreed to answer a few questions Elyse had about funding independent projects.
6 Mistakes That Could Kill Your Crowdfunding Campaign
Finance & Funding 11th Jul 2016

film finance, film funding, crowdfunding, social media

Crowdfunding has opened new doors for indie film financing, but it's certainly not without its pitfalls.
7 Revelations From Indiegogo and Seed&Spark Execs on How to Successfully Crowdfund Your Film
Finance & Funding 8th Jul 2016

film finance, film funding, crowdfunding

These lessons from Palm Springs Shortfest could change the way you think about your fundraising campaign altogether.