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Finance & Funding

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Grants of $10,000-$75,000 available from TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund
Finance & Funding 17th Oct 2016

Film, grants, TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund, Sloan Filmmaker Fund

Three to six filmmakers will each receive a grant of $10,000 - $75,000 to use towards the development, production or post-production of their project.
Applications are open for the 2016 Frameline funding cycle
Finance & Funding 14th Oct 2016

Film, grants, Frameline Completion Fund

The Frameline Completion Fund provides grants to emerging and established filmmakers. This program seeks to provide a much-needed source of financial contributions to artists who often struggle to secure funding to complete their works
Plan of Attack: Starting to Raise Money for Your Film
Finance & Funding 6th Oct 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, film finance, film funding

Ok, you’ve got a great idea for a film. You’ve created a fantastic proposal and you’ve perfected your pitch. You’re next move should be to create a captivating trailer. Now, you need a plan of attack because now you need to start raising money.
Short film production grants of up to $20,000 available
Finance & Funding 4th Oct 2016

grants, Screencraft, Bond It

Every 4 months, at least one filmmaker will be awarded this production grant of up to $20,000 in production funds. We announce the winner(s) 6 weeks after each final deadline.
The Happy Hustler: A Lesson in Creative Budgeting
Finance & Funding 3rd Oct 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, film financing

If the rules don’t make sense, a hustler (and every independent moviemaker must be a hustler) knows to disregard the rulebook.
Why Having the Right Agent Could Make or Break Your Movie
Finance & Funding 29th Sep 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, film financing, film funding, agents

During a panel conversation at IFP's Film Week, agents from Los Angeles and New York discussed the importance of packaging in getting movies made.
ACT Professional Development Programme applications close on 30th September
Finance & Funding 28th Sep 2016

grants, ACT Professional Development Programme. Arts & Culture Trust

30 September 2016 is the closing date for this round of the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) Professional Development Programme (PDP) grant applications
Visit Films Launches Pretty ____ Ideas, Disruptive Lifelong Incubator for Indies
Finance & Funding 27th Sep 2016

film finance, film funding, Pretty ____ Ideas

Ever wished you didn't have to conform to the wishes of investors? Visit Films is here to disrupt the model.