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Think Outside the Box With These Five Resourceful Screenwriting Career Moves
Screenwriting 22nd Nov 2017

screenwriting, scriptwriting

What if we told you that there are more ways for screenwriters to get noticed than through normal submission processes via email, through representation, and from high placements in screenwriting contests, competitions, and fellowships?
Facebook Launches Creator-Focused App With Content Production And Analytics Tools
Social Media 21st Nov 2017

social media, YouTube

Facebook has taken another massive step today in courting digital creators with the launch of a standalone mobile app to help users manage their presence on the social network.
With New Service 'Drip,' Kickstarter Aims to Make Filmmaking More Sustainable
Finance & Funding 21st Nov 2017

social media, Kickstarter, Drip, crowdfunding, film finance

Kickstarter’s new tool allows creators to fund and build community around their ongoing projects.
Experimental Movie Wins Best African Short Film Award
Film & Television 21st Nov 2017

film festivals, Africa in Motion, AiM

A dream-like experimental movie about a fisherman whose search for identity is questioned by a wise older man has won the Best Short Film award at the 12th annual Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival in Scotland.
DStv launches VOOV’s ‘world first’ live streaming social channel
Film & Television 21st Nov 2017

DStv, VOOV’, live streaming social channel

A new channel heading to DStv aims to meld social media, live-streaming and traditional television. Dubbed #VOOVTV, the channel will let users to send self-made content to stream on the channel.
The National Film and Video Foundation calls for applications for a training service provider
Opportunities 20th Nov 2017

National Film and Video Foundation, NFVF, training provider

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), is pleased to announce that applications for a Training Service Provider are now open.
DISCOP Zanzibar - Dates & Venue Announced
Hot on the heels of a hugely successful DISCOP Johannesburg, market organisers have announced the details of next year’s inaugural DISCOP Zanzibar event
Trailer alert: first look at 'SuzelleDIY' star as a bridezilla in 'Tali's Wedding Diary'
Film & Television 20th Nov 2017


Showmax has just released the first trailer for their debut original series, Tali’s Wedding Diary, a mockumentary starring Julia Anastasopoulos (aka SuzelleDIY).
Don’t Wait for a Deal to Float Your Way. Self-Distribution with Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative Could Be Plan A For Your Feature,
Distribution 17th Nov 2017
Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative helps moviemakers build audiences and sustain careers through innovations in marketing, distribution and data transparency.