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Australian teen Instagrammer quits site revealing 'contrived' marketing income
Social Media 5th Nov 2015

social media, Instagram

A leading Instagrammer with over half a million followers has purged her account of images and receptioned many with a skewering analysis of herself and those who generate revenue from the platform.
PewDiePie's criticism of 'cheap' pranksters marks a turning point for YouTube
Social Media 3rd Nov 2015

social media, YouTube, PewDiePie's

YouTuber PewDiePie has called out fellow vloggers who resort to dangerous pranks and video thumbnails of their scantily clad girlfriends to drive cheap views. His call for better standards marks a maturation in the vlogging Wild West, writes Nik Roope.
How to Plan Your YouTube Marketing Success
Social Media 26th Oct 2015

distribution, social media, YouTube, film marketing

Owen Hemsath shares what marketers need to know about planning YouTube marketing success.
4 brilliant psychological tools all film-makers should know
Social Media 22nd Oct 2015

filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips

Filmmakers need to know how to get people to click on stuff on the internet.
Suzelle's DIY takes South Africa by storm
Social Media 28th Sep 2015
Suzelle has become something of a South African internet sensation through her DIY videos on Youtube. She has covered a range of topics, but her most popular video to date is showing people how to make a braai pie.
Tell Everybody - Africa's song for the Global Goals has droped
Social Media 17th Sep 2015

social media, Crowdsourcing, Global Goals

How to Plan a Kickstarter for Your Film — The Ultimate Guide
Social Media 7th Aug 2015

Kickstarter, social media

If you want to get your first indie feature made, odds are good that you’ll have to run a crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately we have all also heard the horror stories of failed crowdfunding campaigns.
Here Are the 10 Most Influential YouTube Stars Among Adults
Social Media 28th Jul 2015

social media, YouTube, YouTube Stars

YouTube stars carry clout with adults, and increasing, more clout than traditional Hollywood stars.
Facebook Announces Secret Videos for Publishers
Social Media 27th Jul 2015

Publishing, social media, YouTube, secret videos

We’re building tools to help video publishers grow their businesses on Facebook, and we’re excited to announce two new updates that give publishers more control over how their videos are organized and shared.