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Your Detailed Guide to Spatial Audio for 360 Video—Using Mostly Free Tools
Technical 8th Nov 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, sound, 360 Video, spatial audio

The creators of one of YouTube’s first 360 videos with ambisonic audio share their process, from recording to post.
Why ND Filters Are Essential if You Want to Get the Film Look on a Smartphone
Technical 4th Nov 2016

camera, smartphone, ND Filters

The best camera is the one you have, but you might need a little extra to make the one you have a little better.
Basic Lighting Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank
Technical 2nd Nov 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, lighting

This is a quick guide to affordable lighting techniques that any production can—and should—practice.
This Wooden DIY Rig Turns Your DSLR into a Cinema Camera (Sort Of)
Technical 1st Nov 2016

camera, DSLR, Cinema Camera

DSLRs don't have as many features as cinema cameras, but this DIY rig simulates their functionality so you have audio, mounting, and power all in one place.
Touch Bar MacBook Pro redefines high-end
Technical 31st Oct 2016


Microsoft might have stolen some of the innovation thunder with its impressive new Surface Studio, but, from Touch Bars to Final Cut Pro 10.3, K. Stewart finds plenty to be happy about in Apple’s latest large-scale update.
This Video Aims to Help You Choose the Right VR Camera for Your Project
Technical 27th Oct 2016

camera, VR Camera

If you're interested in getting into VR filmmaking, you're going to need to know which camera fits your project best.
Understanding ISO: In digital cameras, it's not what you think it is
Technical 20th Oct 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, ISO, cameras

ISO ratings made perfect sense in the days of photochemical film but only serve to muddy the waters when it comes to assessing camera performance in the digital age.
RED’s radical Helium S35 8K sensor: the story so far
Technical 19th Oct 2016
Helium first broke cover on July 5th in a Facebook post from company President, Jarred Land. This is the story of its progress from there to last Tuesday and the announcement of both the Epic-W and the Weapon 8K.
How to record natural sounds + fill your film with ambience
Technical 18th Oct 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, sound, Transient sounds

Natural sounds (sometimes referred to as “nat sounds”) may be the best way to add depth and realism to your films. They make your stories come alive in a way that your visuals can’t achieve all on their own.
The Practical Guide to Lighting on a Budget, Part Three: The Next Level
Technical 17th Oct 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, lighting

In the last part of RedSark's guide to low-budget lighting, Phil Rhodes ventures beyond the local hardware store and looks at how to upgrade from super-cheap to merely cheap.