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New South African Superhero TV Series 'Jongo' Draws Distributors
Distribution 16th Nov 2015


Jongo," a new superhero TV series from Johannesburg-based film and television studio, Motion Story, was picked up for distribution by Discover Digital, South African network e.tv and Ebony Life TV, to be distribution partners for the series, starting in 2016.
6 Keys to Getting Your Documentary Out into the World
Distribution 12th Nov 2015

distribution, documentaries, film marketing

It's a great time for documentaries, but you still need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd.
6 Tips to Get Your Film Financed and Distributed
Distribution 9th Nov 2015

Film Funding, distribution, film finance

In an increasingly confusing world for independent film, industry heavyweights weigh in on how to get your film made.
How to Avoid Crappy Video On Demand Distribution Deals
Distribution 6th Nov 2015

distribution, vod, video on demand

We should all run in the streets cheering. Video on demand distribution has ushered in the era of small business filmmaking. You can create your own mini movie studio. And you can distribute your movie without asking permission.
6 Tips for Distributing Your Indie Film
Distribution 27th Oct 2015

distribution, film marketing

At New Hampshire Film Festival, five industry professionals sat down to share tips on how to distribute an independent film.
How to Make Your Video Rank Number One on YouTube (Case Study)
Distribution 16th Oct 2015

distribution, YouTube

The problem is that being found by your potential customers on YouTube isn’t that easy – you have to beat millions of competitors with larger budgets and brighter videos.
7 Hilarious (and Borderline Crazy) Tips for Marketing Your Film
Distribution 8th Oct 2015

Marketing, distribution

Check out these awesome tips from the brother-sister filmmaking team behind "Meet the Patels."
Filmmakers: Here's What You Need to Know About Working with a Publicist
Distribution 6th Oct 2015

distribution, publicity

Not sure if you need a publicist or when to hire one? Read on for tips.
Top 5 Errors Filmmakers make when doing DIY Distribution to iTunes and other Platforms
Distribution 30th Sep 2015


Always check with your lab or distributor to make sure their deliverable specs adhere to what is outlined below.
Twenty Tips For Packaging Your Project Successfully
Distribution 23rd Sep 2015


Ted Hope shares his thoughts on how to package your film in such a way that your film will gather momentum, get made, and succeed in the marketplace.