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Ad Positioning: Tactics to Increase Your AdSense Earnings Overnight
Advertising 12th Jan 2015
In this series I’m examining tactics that can be used to increase AdSense earnings immediately
Clear Channel UK spearheads shift to interactive outdoors ads in London
Advertising 5th Jan 2015
The head of Clear Channel UK, a subsidiary one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising company, has claimed its holdings will be greatly digitised in the near-future as interactive ads overtake traditional media slots.
Facebook Just Took a Huge Shot at Google
Advertising 11th Dec 2014
Facebook is making a change this week that, if it works, may finally sound the death knell for Google Plus, the search giant’s rival social network.
IAB poised to shape SA’s digital landscape in 2015
Advertising 11th Dec 2014
IAB South Africa’s inaugural year became a massive one as the council announced several promising achievements and a roadmap that is set to shape the digital landscape in South Africa in 2015.
Smirnoff Ice's 'Explore the Night' App Targets Hipsters
Advertising 10th Dec 2014
Smirnoff Ice Double Black With Guarana is hoping to appeal to South African hipsters with an app called 'Explore the Night' that combines crowdsourcing with a free taxi service.
Getting to grips with Atlas, the ad tool that’s helping Facebook challenge Google
Advertising 9th Dec 2014
With its recent re-launch, Atlas has become a key piece in Facebook’s advertising and marketing strategies — challenging Google’s dominance in the digital ad sphere.
Integration: marketing’s new holy grail
Advertising 28th Nov 2014
What exactly do I mean by integration? For agencies, integration means cross-channel, cross-medium marketing that harmoniously plays to the strengths of each channel.
5 Top Reasons Why Display Advertising Will Overtake Search in 2015
Advertising 26th Nov 2014
Whether you want to monetize a website or promote a product, it pays to learn why display advertising is back on the rise.
Agency acquisition frenzy: Now Deloitte snaps up UX agency
Advertising 17th Nov 2014
Deloitte’s digital arm, Deloitte Digital, has made its first acquisition in the South African digital space, with a 100% buyout of Cape Town-based user experience (UX) and design agency Flow Interactive.
Are You Adapting to The Changes in TV Advertising?
Advertising 12th Nov 2014
Here are 4 major changes in the broadcast advertising space that require agencies to adapt the way they work.