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Apple To Spend $1 Billion On Original Shows Over Next Year (Report)
Film & Television 21st Aug 2017

film finance, film funding

The hardware giant is setting aside a $1 billion budget to license and produce original content over the next year, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Film & Television 18th Aug 2017

Kenya, Kenya film, Tujaribu, Faith Koli, Shalom Ndiku, DIL Pictures

Tujaribu is a one-hour dramedy series that follows the story of a blended Kenyan family. The adventures of Zakaria and Hawa who unceremoniously unite their families due to a second marriage and employ oddball methods in order to barely, just barely, function.
Tulips and Chimneys prove they’re worth their salt with new Cerebos animation
Film & Television 17th Aug 2017

Cerebos, Snow, Tulips and Chimneys’, FCB Durban

Snow, Tulips and Chimneys’ new animation, is the first television commercial in over 20 years for Cerebos, South Africa’s favourite salt brand.
Africa’s Best Documentaries: Now Available to Stream
Film & Television 16th Aug 2017

Video on7 Demand. VOD, AfriDocs Anytime

Fans of African cinema now have TWO ways to watch some of the best documentaries from across the continent and beyond. Africa’s well known and loved documentary film broadcast stream, AfriDocs, is now available for viewing ANYTIME from your computer, laptop, or from any mobile device.
Lebogang Rasethaba on the run with three spots for Nike
Film & Television 15th Aug 2017

Arcade, Lebogang Rasethaba, Nike, Lebo Rasethaba, Nike VaporMax

Lebogang Rasethaba directed three ads for Futura‘s Nike Running campaign, featuring the all-women running group The Pack, DJ Doowap and extreme fighter Shana Powers respectively.
Mbithi Masya’s award-winning Kenyan film ‘Kati Kati’ now streaming on Showmax
Film & Television 14th Aug 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

• Winner of six international awards, including Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics at Toronto and Best East African Film, AMVCA • Debut film from Just A Band’s Mbithi Masya • Fifth film by One Fine Day (‘Soul Boy,’ ‘Nairobi Half Life’)
Kenyan Short Film Becomes A ‘Finalist’ In Two Australian Festivals
Film & Television 8th Aug 2017

Kenya, Kenya film, Samuel Wanjohi. Imara

IMARA, a documentary film from Kenya, emerged as a finalist in two Australian film festivals and is currently in competition for 'Best International Film' in one of the festivals.
Watch: How a 2-Minute Short Can Launch Your Career
Film & Television 7th Aug 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, Annabelle, David F. Sandberg

'Annabelle: Creation' director David F. Sandberg shares his remarkable journey from short filmmaker in Sweden to top Hollywood horror director.
No Crew, No Problem: How to Shoot a Film by Yourself
Film & Television 3rd Aug 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

Here are some things to think about when shooting a film all by your lonesome.
How to Make Money as a Filmmaker – Parts 1 & 2
Film & Television 1st Aug 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, Make Money as a Filmmaker

When it comes to traditional ‘passion’ careers, like filmmaking, no one ever wants to talk about money. But how does a full-time filmmaker make a living?