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DISCOP Zanzibar - Dates & Venue Announced
Hot on the heels of a hugely successful DISCOP Johannesburg, market organisers have announced the details of next year’s inaugural DISCOP Zanzibar event
Trailer alert: first look at 'SuzelleDIY' star as a bridezilla in 'Tali's Wedding Diary'
Film & Television 20th Nov 2017


Showmax has just released the first trailer for their debut original series, Tali’s Wedding Diary, a mockumentary starring Julia Anastasopoulos (aka SuzelleDIY).
Don’t Wait for a Deal to Float Your Way. Self-Distribution with Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative Could Be Plan A For Your Feature,
Distribution 17th Nov 2017
Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative helps moviemakers build audiences and sustain careers through innovations in marketing, distribution and data transparency.
How to Build a Cinema Camera Kit for Less than $250
Technical 17th Nov 2017

film cameras

Want to capture beautiful, cinematic images but don't have the cash? Well, you might need less than you think.
How to Maintain Your Network
Acting 17th Nov 2017

acting, acting tips, acting advice

There are direct lines of connection between everyone and everything in this business. Actors who see those lines increase their chances of working. Those who ignore them fade away like an oil painting that’s been left out in the sun.
The Film Industry Transformation Initiative (FITI): CALL FOR ENTRY
Opportunities 16th Nov 2017

Durban International Film Festival, DIFF, The Film Industry Transformation Initiative, FITI

The objective of this program is to develop a holistic 3 years industry transformation initiative that will facilitate the creation of a sustainable film and TV industry in KZN.
New drama company to launch in 2018
Acting 16th Nov 2017

drama company, Windybrow Arts Centre, Market Theatre

Windybrow Arts Centre and Market Theatre Laboratory join forces to support young graduates. Applicants are invited to apply.
Can the iPhone X compete with a professional camera?
Technical 16th Nov 2017

cameras, iPhone X

Can we now, finally, lay to rest the question over mobile phone video quality? Perhaps so.
Here’s How A 17-Year-Old Vampire Web Series Uses Crowdsourcing To Keep Its Blood Flowing
Finance & Funding 16th Nov 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, film financing, film funding, crowd sourcing

The Hunted is a web series franchise that has used a unique crowdsourced model to survive as one of, if not the longest-running web series on the internet.