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Watch: How to Do That Slo-Mo 'Matrix' Bullet Time Effect on a Budget
Film & Television 13th Dec 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

A thorough how-to guide on how to build a camera rig that can produce the studio-style "bullet time" effect on a garage scientist budget.
17 Crucial Screenwriting Tips Stephen King Wants You To Know
Screenwriting 13th Dec 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting, scriptwriting tips

King’s wise words are written primarily in reference to writing literature, however, many of his now famous quotes from the book can be easily applied to screenwriting.
The Chronos 1.4: A high-speed camera for the masses?
Technical 13th Dec 2016

cameras, Chronos 1.4, high-speed camera

A recent Kickstarter project, which has flown past its funding target, aims to make very high speed shooting a possibility for lower budget productions.
Making A Short Film: 5 Tips For New Filmmakers
Film & Television 12th Dec 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

For your first few movies, don’t spent time worrying about lighting or special effects. Just learn how to utilize your limited resources and make something cool out of nothing.
5 Tips For Perfecting Any Accent
Acting 12th Dec 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice

In a worst-case scenario, a poor accent can cost you a job and humiliate you all at once. To avoid any and all accent-related faux pas Backstage Experts give vital advice.
5 Ways to Make a High-Quality Music Video for Under $1,000
Finance & Funding 12th Dec 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, film financing

Here's how to utilize resources at your disposal to create the best possible project for under $1K.
Free ebook on Documentary Film Editing from Karen Everett
Film & Television 12th Dec 2016

editing, post production, Karen Everett, free ebook

Today we have a special holiday gift for documentary filmmakers. Acclaimed story consultant Karen Everett is giving away her 185-page book Documentary Editing (normally $27) to our filmmakers.
Top 10 Kannywood Actresses in 2016
Film & Television 12th Dec 2016

Nigeria, Kannywood, Kannywood Actresses

As 2016 gradually winds down, PREMIUM TIMES presents the top ten Kannywood actresses who lit up the screen all year round while holding the ace on Instagram.
Want to Create New Drone Apps? DJI is Going to Give You the Tools to Do It
Technical 12th Dec 2016

drones, DJI, apps

DJI is giving developers and aerial cinematography fans the chance to design their own drone apps with more powerful tools.
REMINDER! Project submissions for #DFM2017 close on 12 Dec 2016!

Durban FilmMart, DFM

The Durban FilmMart (DFM) is a finance and co-production market which aims to create partnerships and further the development and production of film on the African continent.