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What Came True: The Filmmaking Trends Of 2014
Film & Television 5th Dec 2014
At the beginning of this year, Raindance took to the crystal ball and presciently published their filmmaking insights for 2014. So as the Christmas countdown begins, here’s their retrospective on the trends that took flight and those that are delayed…
MPs move to have SABC chair removed
Film & Television 5th Dec 2014
Parliament's communications portfolio committee on Wednesday unanimously resolved to call for SABC chair Zandile Tshabalala's removal from office.
Clever CGI makes a film that's... indescribable
Film & Television 4th Dec 2014
If you have an abundance of talent, what you can do to make a short film has no limits...
The power of live events on TV
Film & Television 4th Dec 2014
BBC head of events Phil Dolling on why live TV increasingly defines channels, promotes audience loyalty and dominates the overnight ratings
Big update for Blackmagic's URSA: "It's like having a whole new camera..."
Film & Television 3rd Dec 2014
These days a simple software upgrade can transform your camera
Redshark reviews the DJI Ronin - the more affordable motorized gimbal
Film & Television 2nd Dec 2014
The DJI Ronin motorized, stabilized gimbal camera mount is creating quite a stir. It's much cheaper than other seemingly similar products
SAFTAs 2015 Judging Chairpersons Announced
Film & Television 2nd Dec 2014
The National Film and Video Foundation and the South African Film and Television Awards committee are proud to present the two judging Chairperson for the 9th Annual SAFTAs.
The biggest advance in video for ten years. And it has nothing to do with resolution.
Film & Television 28th Nov 2014
That's a big claim to make, but it's true. This development means that TVs will be able to show videos that handle light in the same way as real-life.
Nairobi Did It - Dream to screen in only 48 hours.
Film & Television 28th Nov 2014
From 21st - 23rd of November nearly 300 filmmakers took up the 48 Hour Film Project Challenge and hit the streets of Nairobi to produce a film in only 48 hours.
Sony is setting the pace in still cameras for video. How do they do it?
Film & Television 27th Nov 2014
How is it that Sony is now the leading innovator with still cameras that can be used for video?