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5 Things To Remember Before Shooting On A RED Epic At 200fps
Film & Television 7th Oct 2014
Shooting on a RED requires a full day of testing and setting up because you have to establish a lot of parameters in order to obtain what you are looking for.
Here's Why Camera Choice Matters
Film & Television 6th Oct 2014
In this guest post, filmmaker Noam Kroll explains why camera choice can be the most important factor in achieving a beautiful image.
Durban Film Office Announce First Grantees of its Development Fund and Micro Budget Film Programme
Film & Television 6th Oct 2014
The very first grantees of the Micro Budget Film and the Development Funding Programmes were awarded at a special Durban Film Office event, which took place at SmartXchange
Entries Closed for the Emerging Black Filmmakers Transformation Fund (EBFTF) Pilot Film proposals
Film & Television 6th Oct 2014
The EBFTF will provide financial, marketing and other related support to emerging black filmmakers and is designed for filmmakers who have released fewer than five feature films.
Netflix film strategy continues with Sandler exclusives
Film & Television 3rd Oct 2014
Netflix has penned a deal with movie actor Adam Sandler to bring four of his next feature films exclusively to the service.
4K Recording at 30fps – Introducing the GoPro Hero4
Film & Television 1st Oct 2014
GoPro has announced their latest camera: the Hero4. Most outstanding for those insisting on 4k recording is the GoPro Hero Black Edition’s ability to record 4k at 30fps, which is a significant improvement over the Hero3, which could record at 15fps.
Here's How to Get Your Film Out Into the World
Film & Television 29th Sep 2014
A diverse group of international filmmakers gathered at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival this week to hear advice on the global film market.
Here's How to Create the 'Back to the Future' 'Time Slice' Effect
Film & Television 26th Sep 2014
Joey Shanks, our favorite DIY special effects guru, recently showed us how to re-create the special effects of "Ghostbusters," and apparently, he's still on an '80s kick.
From Concept to Final Cut: 10 Tips on Making a Documentary
Film & Television 25th Sep 2014
Documentarians Lauren Greenfield and Kirby Dick didn't shy away from the tough filmmaking questions at the Sundance Institute's inaugural documentary ShortsLab in Los Angeles.
6 Film and Video Cameras That Changed The Face of Indie Film
Film & Television 24th Sep 2014
In a guest post, award-winning filmmaker Noam Kroll lists the 6 cameras that changed the look of indie film.