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The biggest advance in video for ten years. And it has nothing to do with resolution.
Film & Television 28th Nov 2014
That's a big claim to make, but it's true. This development means that TVs will be able to show videos that handle light in the same way as real-life.
Nairobi Did It - Dream to screen in only 48 hours.
Film & Television 28th Nov 2014
From 21st - 23rd of November nearly 300 filmmakers took up the 48 Hour Film Project Challenge and hit the streets of Nairobi to produce a film in only 48 hours.
Sony is setting the pace in still cameras for video. How do they do it?
Film & Television 27th Nov 2014
How is it that Sony is now the leading innovator with still cameras that can be used for video?
Call for New Content - MiShorts Want Your Short Films
Film & Television 27th Nov 2014
This is our 2014 call for new content which can be submitted directly to our website
Isaw A3 Extreme camera review: an adequate, affordable GoPro competitor
Film & Television 26th Nov 2014
How does it handle low light? Is it intuitive? Are the videos and photos of good quality?
SABC orders less Afrikaans in 50/50 TV show
Film & Television 26th Nov 2014
The SABC has ordered Afrikaans to be cut down further in the environmental magazine show 50/50.
South Africa Issues Tax Guide To Film Production Incentives
Film & Television 26th Nov 2014
The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has issued a tax guide to the current income tax exemption for the receipts and accruals of income derived from the exploitation rights of a film.
The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Freelancing
Film & Television 21st Nov 2014
In honor of National Freelancers Day, we here at Raindance thought we would share the best tips and tricks for starting to freelance and how to become a freelance success.
The Panasonic 4K LX100 is a Lot of Camera for the Price
Film & Television 20th Nov 2014
We are living in bountiful times. Especially if you're on the lookout for a small camera with a superb lens - and 4K shooting capability
Avid Announces New Platform Innovations for Media Organizations and Creative Professionals
Film & Television 19th Nov 2014
2014-09-11 - AvidĀ® (OTC: AVID) today introduced new and upcoming innovations for the Avid MediaCentral Platform