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Hollywood Tries Its Hand at Virtual Reality Content
Film & Television 12th Jan 2015
Samsung and Oculus last month teamed up to deploy the first headset, Gear VR, for U.S. consumers, complete with a virtual store for games and videos.
How to build a system to run Resolve - on a shoestring
Film & Television 12th Jan 2015
One man's quest to put together a smooth, responsive system to run DaVinci Resolve on a budget (and how to get round some of the problems that will trip you up when you try).
Check out the world's first 4K drone
Film & Television 12th Jan 2015


One of the more eye catching highlights of CES this year was the launch of a 4K drone by chinese manufacturer DJI, best known for the Phantom quadcopter.
Lighting on the Fly
Film & Television 12th Jan 2015
A minimal and flexible philosophy for lighting your video on any budget
Nikon announces the D5500, its first ever touchscreen DSLR
Film & Television 9th Jan 2015
Nikon has just announced the touch-enabled D5500 here at CES, the first of any of its DSLR cameras to offer a touchscreen LCD.
Development Finance For Films
Film & Television 8th Jan 2015
Development money is the sum total you need to invest in your idea until it is in a form (a package) suitable for presenting to investors and capable of attracting production financing.
12 Major Faux Pas to Avoid on Set
Film & Television 7th Jan 2015
In hopes of sparing you from faux pas on set, I asked around for the best examples of actors’ worst on-set nightmares
Ten reasons to like Sony's pro video format, XAVC
Film & Television 7th Jan 2015
Sony's XAVC is used across an increasing number of its professional camcorders. Why did they choose yet another format? There were good reasons.
What Hollywood Thinks about China
Film & Television 6th Jan 2015
Hollywood’s obsession with China was a major theme of 2014. China represents the second largest film market in the world and has become a major market focus for numerous big budget American movies.
5 Huge Mistakes You'll Make in the Film and TV Business (and How to Avoid Them)
Film & Television 6th Jan 2015
Why did no one see your short film? Why didn't it get into those festivals? Why wasn't your feature film bought and distributed?