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We now know what the future of DSLR video will be
Film & Television 9th Feb 2015
Canon has just announced two new members to the EOS 5D family: The 5DS and the 5DS R. But what does this tell us about Canon's attitude to DSLR video?
Before we all leap into 4K, maybe we need to understand resolution better!
Film & Television 3rd Feb 2015
"Megapixels" doesn't equal "resolution". Not by a long way!
10 Questions Filmmakers Should Know About Rights Management And Distribution
Film & Television 3rd Feb 2015
Here are some questions (and his answers) that Elliot Grove as had over his time at Raindance:
How Virtual Reality Technology is Changing Documentary Filmmaking
Film & Television 3rd Feb 2015
Several virtual reality installations at this year's Sundance Film Festival speak to the rising appeal of the technology among today's innovative storytellers.
Panasonic provides big camera updates
Film & Television 2nd Feb 2015
According to Panasonic, its latest update to the GH4 and YAGHE camera firmware is not only to improve compatibility of the two AG models with the Atomos Shogun recorder which records UHD via HDMI at 10-bit 4:2:2, but it also lets the two units output 25p and 30p while filming in Full HD.
Vidi expands with local content
Film & Television 2nd Feb 2015
Times Media Group’s Vidi online video-on-demand platform is expanding its offering with a range of local television dramas, movies and children’s programming.
10 Film Distribution Essentials
Film & Television 30th Jan 2015
There are some basic things a filmmaker needs to supply that are pretty obvious. There is no way out for this list. You will save the distributor time and money, and earn yourself filmmaker brownie points on some others
Call for Mentors
Film & Television 30th Jan 2015
The KwaZulu Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is calling for seasoned TV/Film professionals who are able to mentor filmmakers who have projects that have been provisionally approved for Script Development and or Production funding.
How to Sell Your Film Online
Film & Television 28th Jan 2015
5 Quick Tips on How to Sell Your Film Online
Indiegogo, Vimeo Partner Up On Film Fund & Distribution
Film & Television 27th Jan 2015
Vimeo has committed to a film fund for select Indiegogo feature campaigns in exchange for exclusive distribution on Vimeo On Demand.