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4K update for Sony X70
Film & Television 27th Feb 2015
Sony is to introduce a paid for update to its PXW-X70 camcorder which will include 4K recording.
Arri launches Alexa Mini
Film & Television 25th Feb 2015
Arri has launched the Alexa Mini, an addition to the Arri Alexa camera range that promises a compact lightweight form factor with the same image quality of the Alexa.
Broadcasters fear falling revenues as viewers switch to on-demand TV
Film & Television 24th Feb 2015
With YouTube to watch, Instagram pictures to take and Facebook, Snapchat and other social media platforms to explore, a generation of young Americans that used to turn to television for entertainment is finding its fix elsewhere.
Taking the 4K production route
Film & Television 20th Feb 2015
Given all the talk about 4K, should you shoot your next production in the format? Programme makers who have gone down the 4K route give their advice
Top Ten UK Rental Cameras: The Televisual Report
Film & Television 20th Feb 2015
This year’s annual Top 10 Camera Hire survey reveals the UK's most rented cameras of 2014 and the models everyone will be after in the year ahead.
Arri Amira to record MPEG-2 MXF and UHD
Film & Television 18th Feb 2015
Arri has announced an update for the Amira which will enable MPEG-2 MXF recording.
4 Ways Big Data Will Impact Television and Film
Film & Television 18th Feb 2015
There was a time when math geeks and artists sat squarely on opposite sides of the lunch room. Thanks to Big Data and it’s influence on film and television, the two lines have started to blur.
Apple's plans for Apple TV
Film & Television 16th Feb 2015

web series, Apple

Apple is talking to TV programmers about offering their content directly over the web, according to Re/code's Peter Kafka.
The iPhone 6’s New Camera Could Forever Change Filmmaking
Film & Television 16th Feb 2015
The new video features that come along with it mean something else: a high-quality camera filmmakers—and those who aspire to be—can keep in their pockets.
Solving Equation of a Hit Film Script, With Data
Film & Television 12th Feb 2015
Forget zombies. The data crunchers are invading Hollywood.