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SABC gets new finance chief
Film & Television 6th Jan 2015
Chartered accountant James Aguma has been appointed the SABC's new chief financial officer, it was announced on Monday.
Why Hearst, Disney And Bertelsmann Are Betting Big On YouTube Networks
Film & Television 4th Jan 2015
Hearst recently announced the acquisition of 25 percent of DreamWorks Animation’s YouTube network AwesomenessTV for a cool $81.25 million.
Zeiss’ Loxia Lenses & The Sony A7II
Film & Television 4th Jan 2015
The Loxia lens family was created to specifically match the A7 series’ video capabilities, as there are many Zeiss photo lenses available
Generations The Legacy in shocking viewership plunge
Film & Television 12th Dec 2014
The SABC's reset primetime soap Generations The Legacy on SABC1 is in a shocking ratings tailspin, going down fast and losing millions of viewers as its former TV audience flee.
ZLense: cost effective 3D studio effects from Hungary
Film & Television 11th Dec 2014
zLense is a virtual production platform for film, production, broadcast and gaming which provides the world’s first depth-mapping camera solution that captures 3D data and scenery in real-time and adds a 3D layer.
YouTube now allows users to check copyrighted music before uploading a video
Film & Television 10th Dec 2014
This service will allow artist and labels to choose to either mute that music, block the video from appearing or monetise the video by running ads against it.
Everything Changes With Pixar's RenderMan 19
Film & Television 10th Dec 2014
The latest version of RenderMan is here and much has changed under the hood of what is arguably the industry's most widely used piece of rendering software.
Andrew Reid on the Samsung NX1: RED-like sensor, beautiful 4K in-camera
Film & Television 9th Dec 2014
Redshark's friend from EOSHD, Andrew Reid, has reviewed Samsung's mirrorless 4K camera in a DSLR body, the NX1, and revealed some very interesting findings.
Panasonic's LX100 could be the best value camera you can buy today
Film & Television 8th Dec 2014
With a 4/3 sensor, 4K recording and a Leica lens that should really cost more than the camera itself, this is a pretty amazing camera.
Film Fund-amentals:The Rules of Screenwriting
Film & Television 8th Dec 2014
Screenwriters are the most fortunate people in the film industry. Fortunate, because they have so many other people out there just aching to tell them what to do.