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10 Common elements of award winning screenplays
Screenwriting 29th Mar 2016
Clues to what makes a movie or movie screenplay award-worthy.
How to win screenplay contests
Screenwriting 24th Mar 2016
The best way to win writing contests is to write a better script than everybody else, but there are some additional tips I can offer.
Free eBook Offers over 430 Screenwriting Examples to Get What's in Your Head Onto the Page
Screenwriting 23rd Mar 2016
Learning how to write action or a character description can be tricky enough, but how do you write/format the phone calls, inserts, montages, and flashbacks (or audio flashbacks!) that you want in your stories?
Top Ten Best Screenwriting Contests to Enter in 2016
Screenwriting 18th Mar 2016
Since the 1990s, there has been a steady growth of screenwriting contests, competitions, and fellowships — to the point where there seems to be an endless stream of them. How do you find the ones that are worthwhile to enter?
What Is the Key to Writing a Good Short Film Script?
Screenwriting 17th Mar 2016
Short filmmakers share their secrets that got them into SXSW.
Meet the PMD, the Crew Position You Didn't Know You Needed
Screenwriting 15th Mar 2016
Who is in charge of your marketing and distribution process?
SCREENPLAY CONTESTS (Careful, 72% of Them Are Scams. The Best 10 Are…)
Screenwriting 15th Mar 2016
SCREENPLAY CONTESTS WORK… MAYBE? Screenplay Contests come in 4 categories that are (1) They Suck & You’re an Idiot for Entering, (2) They’re Ego but it Helped You to Do a Re-Write, (3) They’re Good & You Could get Hired & Optioned or (4) They’re Great and You Have an Agent & Offers.
7 New Scripting Tips, Straight from Oliver Stone, Mark Duplass, Cassian Elwes and David Seidler
Screenwriting 14th Mar 2016
At this year's Sun Valley Film Festival, a gathering of filmmakers offered up some fresh tips for the art of scripting.
How to Get Over Your Worst Screenwriting Phobias
Screenwriting 14th Mar 2016
One of the main differences that distinguishes amateurs from professional writers is that amateurs sometimes write whereas professionals write on a regular basis.