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11 Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015
Advertising 11th Nov 2014
The fundamentals of marketing are always going to be the same, but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology, what matters most now is how one activates the fundamentals.
8 "Killer Free" Graphic Design Inbound Marketing Tools
Advertising 10th Nov 2014
Yes I said Killer Free, not killer, not free. Killer Free.
Omnicom Advises Marketers to Move 10% to 25% of TV Ad Dollars To Online Video
Advertising 6th Nov 2014
As media consumption habits change, marketers are finding it increasingly challenging to figure out where to put their money – and in particular, how much money to spend on traditional media like TV versus online options.
Is Programmattic the future of digital advertising?
Advertising 5th Nov 2014
Ashraf Stakala recently attended the first South African Programmatic Summit in Cape Town. The event focused on educating the industry about the important role that programmatic will play in digital advertising.
Snapchat finally starts dabbling with advertising, and people are freaking out
Advertising 21st Oct 2014
Snapchatters in the US probably noticed something different over the course of the weekend. The photo messaging app that boasts over US$10-billion valuation, and 100 million monthly active users just ran its first ad.
The Loeries® Official Rankings™ 2014 Released
Advertising 20th Oct 2014
The Loeries Official Rankings, first published in 2010, offer a transparent oversight of the awards as well as promote creativity and innovation as primary business tools in the brand communication industry.
Is metaphor in advertising dead? What the Red Bull payout means for brands and their slogans
Advertising 14th Oct 2014
In fact, no one has sued Red Bull because they haven’t personally sprouted wings. Nor has Red Bull been found by the US court to have done anything wrong. Rather, Red Bull has decided to settle a class action brought against it by some unhappy US consumers.
How Does Display Advertising’s Future Look?
Advertising 13th Oct 2014
The future of display advertising, the future of technology, and the future of marketing all depend on data. Advertising will become more predictive, more personalized, and much more effective.
7 truths of video advertising
Advertising 2nd Oct 2014
Online video ads have been found to outperform TV commercials across a whole spectrum of effectiveness metrics including general recall, brand recall, message recall, and likability.
CocaCola SA partners with the Creative Circle to help build the case for creativity in S.Africa
Advertising 4th Sep 2014
Coca-Cola South Africa, winner of five Cannes Lions in 2014, has joined forces with the Creative Circle in a bid to refresh the way the South African business community views creativity.