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Finance & Funding

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Unreel.Me is giving away 1 Million Dollars
Finance & Funding 24th Jun 2016
At Unreel We Believe In Empowering Content Creators. We Couldn’t Think Of Anything More Empowering Than Handing Them A Cool Million.
Screencraft supporting short film projects with grants of up to $20 000
Finance & Funding 23rd Jun 2016
Every 4 months, at least one filmmaker will win this production grant of up to $20,000 in production funds.
10 Routes To Finance Your Film
Finance & Funding 23rd Jun 2016


You've decided you want to make a movie: a short, feature or documentary. You most likely have a ball-park figure of how much money you'd like to have in your jeans to make this happen. Wait a minute, first things first.
Enter the NVTVF's Independent Pilot Competition to win a guaranteed development deal
Finance & Funding 22nd Jun 2016

New York Television Festival, NYTVF, Independent Pilot Competition

Each year, the NYTVF invites talented writers, producers and actors from across the world to submit their independently-produced, original television pilots.
Production and Distribution Grants up to 80,000 euros available from the World Cinema Fund
Finance & Funding 17th Jun 2016

film finance, film funding, production grants, distribution grants

The World Cinema Fund has an annual budget of approximately € 350,000 and supports exclusively the production and distribution of feature films and feature-length documentaries.
How To Successfully Pitch Your Documentary, According To Filmmakers Who Have Done It
Finance & Funding 17th Jun 2016

film finance, film funding, documentaries

Non-fiction filmmakers at this year's Sheffield Doc/Fest MeetMarket share their secrets for pitching to potential investors.
The 9 Ways to Finance an Independent Film
Finance & Funding 15th Jun 2016

filmmaking, indie tips, film finance, funding

While films require money to be made well, there’s are better ways to find that money than convincing a rich person to part with a few hundred thousand dollars.
Funding available from Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund
Finance & Funding 12th Jun 2016
Hot Docs, one of the world's best documentary festivals, aims to support doc filmmakers that are citizens and residents of countries in continental Africa through funds and mentorship.
4 Ways That Filmmakers Can Diversify Revenues
Finance & Funding 9th Jun 2016

Filmmaker Tips, Revenue

Creators know how important it is to constantly find new revenue streams. Technology is evolving faster than ever, with new devices and content channels making their way to digital audiences every few years.