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Shooting Day-for-Night on a Micro-Budget Feature
Technical 29th May 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, shooting day for night

If you don’t want the inconvenience of a night time shoot, or you don’t have the latest low-light camera, day-for-night could be the way to go.
Jumpstart – Pitching programme for emerging South African filmmakers at Durban FilmMart
Opportunities 26th May 2017

National Film and Video Foundation, NFVF, film finance, film funding, Jumpstart – Pitching programme, emerging South African filmmakers, Durban FilmMart,

Ten South African emerging filmmakers will have an opportunity to hone their pitching skills at this year’s Durban FilmMart (DFM) Jumpstart – a compact programme that essentially provides a springboard for filmmakers new to the industry
Awards Eggstacy
Film & Television 26th May 2017

Egg Films, Dan Mace, Sunu, Lebogang Rasethaba, Jason Fialkov, Terence Neale

Egg directors have been racking up accolades recently at the One Show, D&AD & Webbys internationally and South African Music Awards (SAMAs) locally.
Skulls of My People’ documentary explores why Namibia is a “time bomb
Film & Television 26th May 2017

Al Jazeera, Vincent Moloi, Skulls Of My People

The Ovaherero’s rising anger is given a voice in Skulls Of My People, an upcoming documentary on Al Jazeera English that follows the campaign to pressurise Germany to acknowledge and apologise for the what’s been called the first genocide of the 20th century
Do you have what it takes to be discovered and become the next Sasol New Signatures winner? Enter now!
Opportunities 26th May 2017

Sasol New Signatures Art Competition

Artists are able to submit artworks in all artistic mediums including photography, performance art, video and installations.
Jameson First Shot 2017. Do you have what it takes?
Opportunities 25th May 2017

Jameson First Shot 2017

With a little help from Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, three writers/directors will be selected to have their scripts made into short films by the award-winning Trigger Street Productions.
Call for applications for the DAC Debut Programme
Opportunities 25th May 2017

Arts & Culture Trust, ACT, DAC Debut Programme

The Debut Programme will provide knowledge and skills development to emerging artists on the cusp of “making it” to support them with launching/implementing their first album, film, book, etc., and allow them opportunities to pitch for a catalyst grant to further support their venture.
The Emerson’s Zanzibar Foundation Film Award (EZMA) at the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), July 2017

film festivals, ZIFF, SOKO FILAM, East African Film and TV Market, ZIFF 2017

Following the successful launch of the Emerson's Zanzibar Film Award (EZFA) in 2016, the board is delighted to announce a second award for the best film produced by, or involving Zanzibaris.
The 10-Part Guide to Running Your Own Career
Acting 25th May 2017

acting, acting tips, acting advice

Advice for actors doesn’t have to be so complicated. Sometimes, the best guidance can be boiled down to a few sentences. And as a change of pace, that’s exactly what Secret Agent Man's going to offer up in this column.
Watch: How Does an iPhone 7 Plus Stack Up Against an ARRI Alexa?
Technical 24th May 2017

cameras, iPhone 7 Plus, ARRI Alexa

The iPhone 7 Plus has a pretty powerful camera, but how well does it perform next to the industry favorite ARRI Alexa?