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Film grants up to 50'000 Swiss francs available from Swiss Fund 'visions sud est'
Finance & Funding 9th Dec 2016

film grants, 'visions sud est

'visions sud est supports film productions from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, aims at making them visible worldwide and guarantees their distribution in Switzerland.
Actors: What Your Reel Needs to Run With the Pros
Acting 9th Dec 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice, acting reels

New York City-based videographer Tim Grady breaks down exactly what he looks for on a professional-grade reel from musical and film/TV actors.
Tips for financing your film from Women at Sundance
Finance & Funding 9th Dec 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, film financing

To help filmmakers navigate the oh-so-complex world of funding, Women at Sundance hosted one of their many intensive sessions on financing and strategizing.
Festival of Reading of New Writing – Scriptwriting Competition
Opportunities 9th Dec 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting compettion, PANSA

The Performing Arts network of Southern Africa (PANSA) is pleased to announce the return of the Festival of Reading of New Writing – the scriptwriting competition for new, emerging or experienced writers.
Perspective: Africa - Call for content
Media 9th Dec 2016

Perspective: Africa, Call for content

If you have something to say or show - essays, op-eds, reportage, photography/photojournalism, satire, cultural reviews - get in touch!
Jozi-made movies catch the eye
Film & Television 8th Dec 2016

Gauteng Film Commission

If 2015 does not go down as the year in which Joburg came of age as a film destination, it will certainly be remembered for a flourishing of world-class movies made in and around the city.
The RED Epic-W: the best dual purpose still/cinematography camera yet?
Technical 8th Dec 2016

cameras, RED Epic-W

Nearly a year after initially putting down a deposit for a Scarlet-W, Rakesh Malik now finally has $30,000 worth of Epic-W in his hands and discovers that it could be the ideal mixed still and cinematography camera for anyone serious about either format.
Forbes Drops Its Second Annual List Of The World’s Wealthiest YouTube Creators
Social Media 8th Dec 2016

social media, YouTube, Felix Kjellberg, PewDiePie

It likely comes as no surprise that Felix Kjellberg — aka PewDiePie has topped the list for the second year in a row. In 2016, Forbes estimates Kjellberg’s earnings at a staggering $15 million — up 20% from his $12 million intake last year.
Famous Actors Give Their Best Advice On Acting
Acting 8th Dec 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice

Not all actors let you in on their secrets to developing a successful career, but many actors have crazy ways of getting in character; there’s nothing more important than staying in character and creating real emotions.
Grants available from the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund
Finance & Funding 8th Dec 2016

grants, film grants, Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund supports 4-10 feature-length documentaries the highlight issues of social importance in the range of $10,000 to $25,000.