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5 Top Social Media Dashboard Tools to Manage Your Social Accounts
Social Media 26th May 2015

social media, Social Media Dashboard Tools

These online tools help you combat the time-sucking vortex that social media can sometimes be.
YouTube Brings 60FPS and HTML5 Playback to Live Streams
Social Media 25th May 2015

social media, YouTube, 60fps live streaming

When you start a live stream on YouTube at 60fps, it will transcode your stream into 720p60 and 1080p60, which means “silky smooth playback for gaming and other fast-action videos.”
Spotify adds to capacity crunch with streaming video service
Social Media 25th May 2015

social media, Spotify, live streaming video service

Music streaming company Spotify has announced the addition of video clips to its service, which has the potential to add significantly to the exponential growth in mobile data consumption.
YouTube launches 60fps live streaming in quest to take on Twitch
Social Media 22nd May 2015

social media, YouTube, 60fps live streaming, Twitch

YouTube has made several moves to take on Twitch, the biggest name in video game live streaming, and today the company is rolling out another key feature to improve its service: live streams that run at 60 frames per second
Spotify now does videos and podcasts
Social Media 22nd May 2015

social media, Spotify, videos, podcasts

Spotify is no longer just a music service. The company has shared its new goal of finding the perfect content to accompany every moment in your day.
7 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign
Social Media 19th May 2015

social media, Facebook. Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ads can be highly profitable, and there are countless ways to make them more effective. Want tips to step up your game?
Boobs, cats, anything: Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues give a lesson on going viral
Social Media 14th May 2015
If satirical duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues are to be believed all you need are boobs, kittens, a song about anything,.
5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Video’s YouTube Rank
Social Media 6th May 2015
Creating a stunning video can be a fun creative project. Getting that video out there and attracting viewers is a completely different game. Follow these 5 tips to help boost your video’s rank in YouTube’s search.
How to sell your iPhone photos
Social Media 5th May 2015
As the iPhone continues to grow in stature as a photographic platform, the opportunities for making a profit are multiplying.