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Social media toolkit for filmmakers
Social Media 14th Jan 2016
Having a social media presence is a complete must for filmmakers today.
10 Helpful Tips for Acing Your Film's Social Media Presence at Festivals
Social Media 13th Jan 2016
Want to make your film stand out from the crowd? It's time to get social.
The 10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in 2015
Social Media 8th Jan 2016
Game maker Supercell is the big winner on Adweek and Google's year-end YouTube Ads Leaderboard list for 2015, ranking the most-viewed commercials posted to the video site. But the top 10 list is hardly all mindless diversion.
YouTube Pledges Legal Support For Video Creators Who Claim Fair Use
Social Media 27th Nov 2015
One of the most complex and common legal battles on YouTube concerns the doctrine of fair use, which allows content creators to re-purpose copyrighted material for the sake of commenting on it, criticizing it, or parodying it.
YouTube finally launches offline video feature in South Africa
Social Media 20th Nov 2015

social media, YouTube, offline video

Google announced on Wednesday that it’s introducing offline playback of YouTube in four new markets, including South Africa.
YouTube Star Complains Over Losses Due to FB Freebooting
Social Media 18th Nov 2015

social media, YouTube

Casey Neistat isn’t happy with Facebook. In a candid interview with Adweek, the 34-year-old YouTube star and filmmaker revealed that he lost over 20 million video views on his own content due to stolen (aka freebooted) videos on the social networking site.
Australian teen Instagrammer quits site revealing 'contrived' marketing income
Social Media 5th Nov 2015

social media, Instagram

A leading Instagrammer with over half a million followers has purged her account of images and receptioned many with a skewering analysis of herself and those who generate revenue from the platform.
PewDiePie's criticism of 'cheap' pranksters marks a turning point for YouTube
Social Media 3rd Nov 2015

social media, YouTube, PewDiePie's

YouTuber PewDiePie has called out fellow vloggers who resort to dangerous pranks and video thumbnails of their scantily clad girlfriends to drive cheap views. His call for better standards marks a maturation in the vlogging Wild West, writes Nik Roope.
How to Plan Your YouTube Marketing Success
Social Media 26th Oct 2015

distribution, social media, YouTube, film marketing

Owen Hemsath shares what marketers need to know about planning YouTube marketing success.
4 brilliant psychological tools all film-makers should know
Social Media 22nd Oct 2015

filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips

Filmmakers need to know how to get people to click on stuff on the internet.