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31 Best Filmmaking Software and Tools of 2016
Technical 9th Sep 2016
Sure, you’ve got gumption, a can-do attitude, and thick skin. But do you have the right tools to maximize your productivity? Here’s a rundown of StudioBinder's favorite, must-have apps and gadgets for working producers.
Tutorial: Mount Any Lens Onto Your Camera with This Easy Trick
Technical 7th Sep 2016

cameras, lenses

If you've got some white paper, a ruler, and a window, you can learn how to mount virtually any lens to your camera.
Garmin’s redesigned VIRB raises the ActionCam bar
Technical 7th Sep 2016

ActionCam, Garmin, VRIB

Like many companies that find themselves suddenly marooned up technological cul-de-sacs, Garmin has been trying to port its navigational expertise into tangental markets, and with the new VIRB it may just have struck gold.
Shoot Time-Lapses at Any Interval on Your GoPro HERO with This Super Easy Hack
Technical 6th Sep 2016

cameras, GoPro, TimeLapse

You can teach an old dog new tricks—as long as you have the right piece of code.
Canon Goes for Gold with New C700
Technical 6th Sep 2016

cameras, Canon C700

Canon's new flagship cinema camera is everything you want—though the price will be too much for most to love.
DJI wants to stabilise your smartphone
Technical 5th Sep 2016

DJI smart phone, stabilser

DJI has opened up its Osmo technology to make a handheld three-axis gimbal stabilisation mount for smartphone users.
The momentum behind 4K is now unstoppable
Technical 26th Aug 2016

television, broadcasters, 4K

Anyone who still had any lingering doubts that 4K represents the near future of television is directed to a new report by analysts SNL Kagan and security experts Irdeto that details just how many broadcasters are planning to launch services over the next few years.
Is this the new GoPro Hero5?
Technical 25th Aug 2016

cameras, GoPro, GoPro Hero 5

Recently leaked documents and pictures are fueling the red-hot rumors surrounding GoPro's forthcoming Hero5 action cam.
Download Blackmagic's Camera Setup 4.0 for URSA Mini Today
Technical 23rd Aug 2016

Blackmagic OS, URSA Mini

The new version of Blackmagic's OS updates URSA Mini menus and brings multiple LUT preview options.