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Syrp Slingshot Motion Control Wire Rig Goes from DIY to Mass Production
Technical 21st Sep 2016

Syrp, wire camera motion rig, CableCam

Syrp, the makers of the Genie timelapse motion control head, has taken its DIY design for a wire camera motion rig and created the professionally manufactured Slingshot.
Is the iPhone 7 Plus camera any good? Photographer gives breakdown
Technical 21st Sep 2016

camera, iPhone

The iPhone 7 Plus sees Apple follow rival manufacturers with a dual camera setup, offering a traditional 12MP shooter and a 12MP telephoto camera. But does the phone deliver in the camera department as a result?
Canon gets serious about mirrorless with the new EOS M5
Technical 19th Sep 2016

camera, Canon EOS M5

Another day, another Canon camera. The company is in a purple patch of releasing new products at the moment and with this one it’s finally stepping up to the plate in the mirrorless market.
Teradek streams and monitors 360-degree video with Sphere SDI
Technical 16th Sep 2016
Teradek’s new Sphere SDI is a 4-channel 4K (1080 x 4) HD-SDI encoder for live streaming and monitoring 360º content.
Tutorial: How to Turn a Toolbox into a Portable Battery Charging Station
Technical 12th Sep 2016
Nothing's worse than running out of juice while on a shoot.
JVC talks robotic video over IP, Videocloud and more
Technical 12th Sep 2016
While its docket may be short on new announcements, JVC is using IBC 2016 to bring previously announced products, features and services to the forefront.
31 Best Filmmaking Software and Tools of 2016
Technical 9th Sep 2016
Sure, you’ve got gumption, a can-do attitude, and thick skin. But do you have the right tools to maximize your productivity? Here’s a rundown of StudioBinder's favorite, must-have apps and gadgets for working producers.
Tutorial: Mount Any Lens Onto Your Camera with This Easy Trick
Technical 7th Sep 2016

cameras, lenses

If you've got some white paper, a ruler, and a window, you can learn how to mount virtually any lens to your camera.
Garmin’s redesigned VIRB raises the ActionCam bar
Technical 7th Sep 2016

ActionCam, Garmin, VRIB

Like many companies that find themselves suddenly marooned up technological cul-de-sacs, Garmin has been trying to port its navigational expertise into tangental markets, and with the new VIRB it may just have struck gold.
Shoot Time-Lapses at Any Interval on Your GoPro HERO with This Super Easy Hack
Technical 6th Sep 2016

cameras, GoPro, TimeLapse

You can teach an old dog new tricks—as long as you have the right piece of code.