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Global OTT players offer African content producers new distribution opportunities in Europe and the USA
Distribution 8th Jul 2015

vod, distribution. OTT

A recently announced deal between Lebara Play and various African producers for OTT rights in Europe illustrates how VoD will allow content owners new channels to diaspora markets. But this is not the first of these kinds of deals as Russell Southwood outlines.
Moviemaker‘s Third Annual Guide to Digital Distribution
Distribution 25th Jun 2015

Marketing, distribution, filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips

Congratulations. Count yourself among the generation of moviemakers for whom Video on Demand (VOD) has progressed from novelty act to main attraction—an essential component to every film’s release.
Here's How These Filmmakers Self-Distributed Their Documentary...And Actually Made Money
Distribution 15th Jun 2015

Marketing, distribution, filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips

"Part of our decision to self-distribute was to try to see if I could prevent myself from descending into Jekyll and Hyde levels of craziness."
7 Lies Film Distributors Like to Tell Filmmakers
Distribution 15th Jun 2015

Marketing, distribution, filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips

In order to help you figure out if you’re talking to a great film distributor or a bad distributor, Jason Brubaker is going to share 7 very common lies film distributors like to tell filmmakers
Cinema 2.0 Cash Grab - Micromoney Mania
Distribution 9th Jun 2015

Marketing, distribution, filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips

Cinema 2.0 is a new approach to DIY film production, marketing and distribution working outside of the accepted mainstream cinema industry.
Secrets of Selling Your Movie Online (Don’t Get Screwed)
Distribution 5th Jun 2015

distribution, filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips, vod, video on demand

If you’re ready to take your own movie to market, Jason Brubaker has good news. The market is accessible. And in his opinion two of the easiest markets to access are also the largest in the world. If you go with a video on demand aggregator
Making the pitch to Netflix
Distribution 28th May 2015

filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips. Netflix, film distribution

Between signing a multi-year first-look deal with Leonardo DiCaprio and seeing its Originals doc titles twice reach the Oscars, VOD platform Netflix has become an essential part of the conversation around documentary distribution.
Here's What You Need to Know to Sell Your Film Abroad
Distribution 25th May 2015

Film Funding, film finance, film distribution. filmmaker

A sales agent can do wonders for your film, as long as you know how to manage your relationship with him or her.
Netflixification in full force: 330m to subscribe to OTT TV services by 2019
Distribution 20th May 2015

distribution, Netflix, OTT, TV services, over the top video services

New data from Juniper Research has shown that subscriber numbers to ‘over-the-top’ (OTT) TV services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime will increase from 92.1-million in 2014, to 332.2-million globally by 2019.
Are You Ready to Get into Bed with a Distributor?
Distribution 18th May 2015

Film, distributor, distribution

Think before you act -- weigh all your options.