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Hollywood's Powerful Agents Share Amazing Tips for Aspiring Actors (Video)
Acting 22nd Nov 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice

Recently, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation sat down with some of Hollywood’s biggest talent agents. In the process, talent agents shared how they find their actors, what they look for and how they operate within the wider industry to keep their clients working.
Call for applications: New Talent Week
Acting 21st Nov 2016

Masque Theatre

After a successful New Talent Weekend this year, The Masque Theatre in Muizenberg is calling for production applications for the New Talent Week that will be happening at the theatre on the 25 – 28 January 2017.
7 Qualities Every Successful Voice Actor Should Cultivate
Acting 21st Nov 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice, voice over artists

What are some of the qualities common among successful voice actors? And are these traits inherent or are they acquired?
3 Important Instagram Tips for Actors
Acting 18th Nov 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice, Instagram

Every post is an opportunity to do three things: showcase your brand, build your fan base, and engage with your network.
6 Ways to Market Your Acting Career for Free
Acting 17th Nov 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice

When actors think about marketing, they usually see dollar signs. Sure, an essential tool like your headshots can be expensive, but once you have them, there’s plenty of ways to improve your actor marketing without spending a dime.
The Top 10 Things An Actor Should Never Do On Social Media
Acting 16th Nov 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice, social media

Social media is a double-edged sword. When wielded wisely it can help you research, network, build relationships and advance your career more quickly than ever before. When used carelessly it can make you look foolish and do your career serious harm.
Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves in the Audition Room?
Acting 14th Nov 2016
What is happening when that preaudition gloom sets in? Fear. Fear of being vulnerable. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being enough. When we allow this fear to set in, we've already taken ourselves out of the equation.
What Casting Directors Are Looking For on Your Resume
Acting 9th Nov 2016
Just as people scan headlines when reading the news, casting directors and other industry folk scan actor resumes and only absorb the information they're looking for.
21 Things to Make Casting Directors Happy in the Audition Room
Acting 8th Nov 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice, casting director, casting

Here are some choices (and they are choices) to make any casting director truly happy in the room.
5 On-Set Tips for Actors
Acting 7th Nov 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice

Sevier Crespo put together a few tips for appropriate on-set behavior for actors from the standpoint of not only a producer, but really the entire production team.