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How to Protect Your Screenplay Before Submitting It
Screenwriting 11th Mar 2016
As a serious writer, you need to protect your original work. It seems now more than ever people are disregarding copyright laws.
4 Screenwriting secrets
Screenwriting 8th Mar 2016
This is a Must Read… #3 & #4 Are Super Great
“Your Query Sucks:” 10 Reasons Why Your Screenplay is Being Ignored by Readers
Screenwriting 7th Mar 2016
The query is often the only way unrepresented, and under-represented, writers are able to attract attention to their script.
Free online course - An Introduction to Screenwriting
Screenwriting 2nd Mar 2016
This free online course explores the key concepts and fundamental principles involved in the process of screenwriting.
Writing in Genre
Screenwriting 2nd Mar 2016
WGA writer, Michael Tabb, shares how he goes from zero to story without ever incurring writers block.
5 Essential Tips From Oscar-Nominated Screenwriters of 'Carol' and 'Room'
Screenwriting 29th Feb 2016
Two Oscar-nominated screenwriters offer fascinating insights on how to shepherd tricky adaptations to the screen.
Beginners’ Playwriting Workshop at Artscape
Screenwriting 25th Feb 2016
The workshop introduces delegates to the basic techniques of playwriting and includes writing exercises together with DVDs of famous plays as examples of great playwriting.
Wharton professors predict box office potential based on content of script
Screenwriting 24th Feb 2016
It’s no secret that when creativity and business collide in the film industry, the results can be grisly.
6 Essentials Every Screenplay Needs
Screenwriting 22nd Feb 2016
Your story should feature characters that have a clear opposition and goals, which in turn lead to a series of events and a resolution of some kind.
Screenwriters - Don't dismiss your crazy ideas
Screenwriting 19th Feb 2016
If you have an unconventional way to tell your story--and you're using it because it's the best way, not just to be different for the sake of it--go for it.