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10 Commandments of independnte filmmaking
Film & Television 10th Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

Movie making has changed direction big time. The only thing that has stayed the same is that making a movie is hard work; but it's not difficult if you follow these 10 basic steps:
How to submit a TV show proposal to Mzansi Magic or Vuzu?
Film & Television 7th Apr 2017

Mzansi Magic, Vuzu

TVSA has been receiving loads of queries regarding both Vuzu and Mzansi Magic so they investigated.
19 Great ideas to brainstorm short film ideas
Film & Television 4th Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

Everyone is screaming for content today: visual content. The other fact is that people's attention spans are dropping meaning that short films get the kinds of eyeballs that feature filmmakers dream about.
5 Secrets to Casting Your Film From a Top Indie Casting Director
Film & Television 3rd Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, casting

Here’s how Vicky Boone, casting director of ‘The Tree of Life’ and ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’, finds the best possible on-screen talent—even on a budget.
Arcade Content seizes the day for Standard Bank
Film & Television 3rd Apr 2017

Arcade Content, Kyle Lewis

Arcade Content produced Make One Day #Today, Native VML’s new campaign for Standard Bank, featuring brand films by Kyle Lewis, Lebogang Rasethaba and new signing Zandi Tisani.
How to Pitch Your Film: A Step-By-Step Breakdown
Film & Television 30th Mar 2017
The road to getting a film off the ground is never straight and narrow, especially if you’re starting at the bottom. What if you could pitch your film in exactly the right way to exactly the right people?
Daily Newsletters
Film & Television 8th Feb 2017
Hi Everyone Just to let you all know that I am in hospital and will resume the newsletter when I am released. Gio
Mastering Music Supervision: Seven Pitfalls for the Over-Eager Indie Moviemaker
Film & Television 23rd Jan 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

As the founder of music supervision company Supe Troop, Laura Katz''s first recommendation—as you’ve probably already guessed—is to hire a professional supervisor to handle your film’s music for you.
Award-winning Fokofpolisiekar documentary coming to Showmax
Film & Television 20th Jan 2017
Fokofpolisiekar: Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do will be streaming exclusively on Showmax from 23 January 2017. Filmed over four years, this is the definitive documentary on the cult band that revolutionised the Afrikaans music scene.
Film & Television 16th Jan 2017

IndieLot, filmmaking course.

Join the ever-growing band of Indie Style Filmmakers through IndieLots hands on filmmaking course.