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Applications open for the IFFR Trainee Project for Young Film Critics
Opportunities 18th Sep 2017

International Film Festival Rotterdam, IFFR, Trainee Project for Young Film Critics

International Film Festival Rotterdam is looking for participants for the 19th IFFR Trainee Project for Young Film Critics, taking place during its 46th edition (25 January - 5 February, 2017).
The Skills + Traits Voiceover Artists Need to Be Successful
Acting 18th Sep 2017

acting, acting tips, acting advice, voice over artists

What are the skills a voice actor needs to compete? Does success require certain character traits? And can these be learned or are they innate?
GFC helps prepare emerging film makers for the 48 Hour film challenge in Johannesburg
Film & Television 15th Sep 2017

Gauteng Film Commission, film workshops, GFC

The GFC has developed groups of filmmakers with the aim of introducing them to the industry at a level where they play a meaningful role in the local Film & TV industry.
Triggerfish, CAKE partner on 'Mama K's Super 4' animated series
Film & Television 15th Sep 2017

Triggerfish, CAKE, Mama K's Super 4

Leading kids’ entertainment specialist CAKE has announced its partnership with South Africa’s Triggerfish Animation Studios to coproduce comedy action series Mama K’s Super 4.
Content Producers: Get Your Pilot Screened at DISCOP
Opportunities 14th Sep 2017


In an exciting announcemen innovating tech platform Mahala.tv confirmed the launch of the Mahala.tv PITCH & PILOT MARATHON program, a pan-African initiative designed to help young creators and established content producers access more opportunities.
Cape Town International Film Festival: World Cinema at its Best

film festivals, Cape Town International Film Market & Festival 2017

Taking place from October 12th – 21st at the V & A Waterfront, the CTIFM&F will be a celebration of film from across the world, with films from over 50 countries being featured in competition.
5 Non-Acting Things You Should Do in Every Audition
Acting 14th Sep 2017

acting, acting tips, acting advice

I’m here to let you in on a secret to booking better auditions...stop trying to book the job. The goal should never be to the book job.
Facebook To Spend $1 Billion On Original Content For ‘Watch’ Through 2018 (Report)
Finance & Funding 13th Sep 2017

social media, Facebook , film finance, film funding, Watch

On the heels of the launch of premium video venture Watch, reports have surfaced that Facebook is poised to spend $1 billion on original content over the next year.