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Understanding ISO: In digital cameras, it's not what you think it is
Film & Television 11th Sep 2014
ISO ratings made perfect sense in the days of photochemical film but only serve to muddy the waters when it comes to assessing camera performance in the digital age.
Hollywood's Big-Money YouTube Hit Factory
Film & Television 8th Sep 2014
When Brian Robbins first told people he was going full time into the YouTube (GOOG) business, his colleagues in Hollywood were incredulous.
WTF Just Happened: How Do They Pull Off the Vertigo Effect in Movies?
Film & Television 5th Sep 2014
A certain camera trick might have broken your brain. While objects in the foreground appear the same size throughout a shot, objects in the background appear to morph in size.
Afrinolly hits 4 million downloads as the VOD market in Africa grows
Film & Television 5th Sep 2014
Afrinolly is a nifty application that allows users to get information about the movies that are being released in the African market and they can watch trailers or stream free content from their mobile devices.
Microsoft creates new video smoothing app
Film & Television 4th Sep 2014
Researchers at Microsoft have come up with a tech have developed a technique for converting first-person videos, such as those captured with GoPros or by cyclist’s helmet cams, into smooth timelapse footage.
IBC2014: Preview - cameras, recorders, lenses and 4K
Film & Television 4th Sep 2014
Which technologies will be the big attractions at this year’s IBC? From cameras to media recorders, lenses and 4K, Televisual talks to IBC regulars about what will be causing a stir
How to make money from media music
Film & Television 4th Sep 2014
The music industry trade body for composers and songwriters, BASCA, which runs the Ivor Novello awards, has just held a roundtable discussion debating how to survive and thrive in the world of media music composition.
Proof That Instagram's Hyperlapse App Makes Everyone's Videos Better
Film & Television 3rd Sep 2014
The user-friedly app from Instagram itself has simplified the process of producing sleek, smooth, and creative high-quality time-lapse videos
A Step by Step Video Guide for Hacking the Sony F5 to Record Internal 4K
Film & Television 3rd Sep 2014
The internal 4K hack for the Sony F5 has been getting a lot of press lately, and for good reason. It adds tremendous value to an already-stellar camera, and best of all, it’s incredibly simple.
What's the Best Way to Show the Internet & Text Messages on Film? Here's a Brief History
Film & Television 31st Aug 2014
For the past 15 years, filmmakers have been attempting to tackle a serious problem: how to visually portray the screens that permeate every aspect of modern life.