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Quarter 3 Projects supported by the GFC
Film & Television 12th Dec 2017

Gauteng Film Commission

The companies supported vary from established to emerging production companies with projects in documentary, feature film, licensed short films, online and DVD distribution.
Essential advice for making your production run smoothly
Film & Television 11th Dec 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

Rakesh Malik gives us some important tips on how to ensure your shoot runs as smoothly as possible.
5 Keys to High-Quality Filmmaking (Regardless of What Camera You Use)
Film & Television 8th Dec 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

Cameras don't create pro-level, high-quality films and videos, but here's what does.
South African highlights to stream on Showmax this December
Film & Television 7th Dec 2017

Showmax, South African Films

There’s a wealth of local and lekker South African content coming to Showmax this December, from the first Showmax Original to box office hits and award-winning films. These include:
The Deuce - first and only on Showmax from today
Film & Television 6th Dec 2017
First and only on Showmax, The Deuce chronicles that moment in time when sex went from being a back-alley, brown-paper-bag commodity to a billion-dollar industry in America, thanks to both a liberalising revolution in American sexuality and new legal definitions of obscenity.
Please help us to keep Media Source Africa a free resource for YOU to use
Film & Television 5th Dec 2017
With a little help from you we can continue to keep Media Source Africa free for you to use.
How to Get a Film Crew Job
Film & Television 4th Dec 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, film crew

The members of the film crew are the ones who make it all come to life. Here, we break down crew members, what they do, and how to get a job behind the camera.
Sunu creates African superhero themed follow-up to Absolut’s Cannes Gold-winning One Source campaign
Film & Television 1st Dec 2017

Egg Films, Sunu, Cannes Lions, Africa On Fire, NativeVML, Absolut, One Source campaign, Africa On Fire

Egg Films’ Sunu directed Africa On Fire, NativeVML’s follow-up to the Cannes Gold-winning Absolut One Source campaign. Africa On Fire has already been featured on leading international trade publication Shots.
Film & Television 1st Dec 2017

AfriDocs, BET, Oliver Tambo, Have You Heard from Johannesburg.

This month, AfriDocs on BET is proud to present a powerful broadcast event, the WORLD PREMIERE of the just completed biopic: Oliver Tambo: Have You Heard from Johannesburg.
The Business of Film - Free online course by The Open University, in association with Pinewood Studios
Film & Television 29th Nov 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, free online course, business of film

Explore the intriguing world of film production and find out about the complexities of development, distribution and finance.