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Workshop at the Market Theatre
Other 7th Dec 2016
The purpose of this workshop is to offer the arts, culture and heritage sector an opportunity to work through the current draft of the White Paper on Arts, Culture and Heritage with a focus on advocacy and engagement.
Quality control in events management
Other 30th Nov 2016

Quality control, events management

As November is International Quality Control month, it is appropriate to review the steps needed to maintain consistent quality in events management. Quality is achieved through project management principles that are the hallmark of successful events.
Vrystaat Arts Festival 2017: Applications close 25 Nov!
Other 24th Nov 2016

Vrystaat Arts Festival

The 2017 festival is set to take place from 18 to 22 July and applications to participate close on the 25th of November.
Best Practice Guide for the Visual Arts. Countrywide Workshops
Other 14th Oct 2016

Visual Arts Network of SA, VANSA, workshops

The guide is written to give all people involved in the visual arts an understanding of the practice South Africa should be aiming towards for the betterment of the Visual Arts.
Theatre Benevolent Fund Auction
Other 11th Oct 2016

Theatre Benevolent Fund, Auction

A sculpture by distinguished artist Evette Weyers will be auctioned off in aid of the benevolent fund – actress Lizz Meiring will be the auctioneer! The Theatre Benevolent Fund would be most grateful if you consider attending the auction. tbf
Call for nominations of candidates to serve on NAC Council
Other 12th Sep 2016
The Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Nathi Mthethwa hereby invites members of the arts fraternity and the general public to nominate persons to serve as Council members of the National Arts Council (NAC) in terms of the National Arts Council Act, 1997 (Act No. 56 of 1997).
Arterial Network SA: Call for nominations to the National Executive Committee
Other 27th Jul 2016

Arterial Network South Africa

Nominations are now OPEN for the election of members to the National Executive Committee. Nominations CLOSE on Saturday 13 August 2016
Bill Plympton's Controversial New Film "Hitler's Folly" Now Available to Watch for Free Online
Other 9th Jun 2016

Bill Plympton

Academy Award–nominated animator Bill Plympton has made a rare foray into the realm of live-action filmmaking, and the result is now available for free online.
The business side of freelancing and the 6 traits of those who succeed
Other 2nd Jun 2016

filmmaking, indie tips, freelancing, freelance business

You're great at your skill, it's what you do. If your business side isn't great at what it does you might find you just created a needy job, not a livelihood.
The 3 Stages of Failure in Life and Work (And How to Fix Them)
Other 25th May 2016

Decision Making, Mental Models, Strategic Thinking

One of the hardest things in life is to know when to keep going and when to move on.