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Actors and Actresses

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Audition Summary

10th - 16th Aug 2017
Email Audition (Photo Call)
Casting for: Feature Film

Audition Details

Emails must be received no later than 16th Aug 2017.

Hi guys I am still casting for my drama series to be shot in September, the following roles still need to be filled:

Main Cast
Shane Joel- An arrogant cop - Indian/Coloured Actor between 35 to 40

Mthembu - A cop, female who is a tomboy, - 30 to 35 age group

Supporting Cast

Falon Joel - A college student- Indian/Coloured Actoress- 20 to 25 years old

Sanele - a burglar - 18 to 23 years

Open casting for Actors and actresses between the ages of 20 to 30 to fill smaller roles

Email: phesmproductions1@gmail.com

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Feature Film, Actors and Actresses


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