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Putting YOU in the driving seat
Announcements 31st Dec 2014
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We've been very busy over the festive period making big improvements to Media Source Africa. After listening to your suggestions about how we can improve our site to enhance your user experience we've made changes that put YOU, our members, at the fore front of our...


Reporting website issues and concerns
Announcements 24th Sep 2014
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It's now over three weeks since our re-launch and our new website is holding up well.Like any newly launched website we have experienced a few minor glitches which have now been fixed.Should you experience any issues please report them to us. You have 3 available channels for...


Major Upgrade Complete
Announcements 31st Aug 2014
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We've just upgraded our website. It's faster and easier to use with more features to help you collaborate with other media professionals on your media projects.


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