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What Are You Doing Now?

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Sense (Theatre Production)
What Are You Doing Now? 7th Mar 2017
2 replies

what is love?  money? joy? or are all those the prerequisites for having love?  is it the reproduction of human kind or just PLAIN FUN??? hahah could be interpreting it all wrong, but there are woman who the Pretorians have met and saw the...


investing in young people
What Are You Doing Now? 31st May 2016
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuvKxMAOt5A WATCH AND ENJOY THIS SESSION. it was an informal day in studio having a chat with the amazing young souls who are rich in culture and are powerful in spirit....


telling told stories in different angles
What Are You Doing Now? 6th May 2016
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Know who you are so that you may conquer this world... A soul that wonders the world lacking identity is it less what it thinks it is.   Here is a feature film with two of TCT team members performing it.   Here's a story about an abusive father suffering from an...


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