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telling told stories in different angles

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hashtag 4eva_YOUng
6th May 2016

Know who you are so that you may conquer this world... A soul that wonders the world lacking identity is it less what it thinks it is.  

Here is a feature film with two of TCT team members performing it.  

Here's a story about an abusive father suffering from an unforgettable pain he experienced at the age of seven.  He enfores rules and decisions upon his two children. 

Directed and Produced by Tshepo Movundlela. 


Thabo Nkosi 

Bongani Mthombeni 

Kgaugelo Phakula 

Ntokozo Thela

Ntsikayomzi Benya


Title: Indelible Pain






We pride ourselves in educating the society hence you will always see us close to educational programmes. 


Let's chat, or chat with the Face of TCT on facebook 

https://facebook.com/TshwanOneCityFilmFestivalhttps://youtu. be/dpjzYnZLyX4

Hewa Media Production
27th Sep 2016

Big up

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