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ignition media productions

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ignition media
5th Jan 2017

A Cinematography company based in Durban.

We aim to tell your story through our lens, creating a captivating and enticing film to put classy and meaningful cherry on top of your event.


We specialise in:



Music Videos

Corporate Functions

and many more...


Contact us for more info.


Nic Janse van Rensburg
9th Aug 2017

I have been a cameraman/ DOP / editor / director for the last 17 years. Im a freelancer and have experience in almost every field of productions. I am however the most passionate about shooting.

I have a communication backround so understand the corporate market, aswell as working with agencies Magna Carta( standard bank) and Ogilvy ( lg, huggies, kfc, anglo etc), i also Dop for TV shows. This year I shot "weg agterpaaie karoo" 6 weeks in the karoo 6500km on gravel road without power, insert director cameraman and editor for the dan nicholl show on Supersport chanel 201 sometimes wothout water and food available. I am a team player but i am very comfortable in a leadership capacity. I made music videos for gallo records for 5 years , shot on tv shows like , pasella, kwela, dekat tv, hello docter, agterpaaie on Via, kaelo stories of hope etc. i was the online editor for dekat tv, while i was directing and shooting inserts. I don't have a chip on my shoulder and still luv klimbing or roling around in the dirt to get the best shot. Pls checkout my twitter feed to c what im upto: handle : timelinesdop

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