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Sense (Theatre Production)

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7th Mar 2017

what is love? 



or are all those the prerequisites for having love? 

is it the reproduction of human kind or just PLAIN FUN???

hahah could be interpreting it all wrong, but there are woman who the Pretorians have met and saw the being involved with the same man for different reasons and ending their dialogue with trying to make SENSE  of it all. 

Blankpage Entertainment has graced the South African State Theatre with it's production SENSE in 2015, and now they are back again to give us this spirit lifting, love inspiriing and triggering play in various stages around the mother land till they have their last bow at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival this year. they are currently sweating, running out of breathe, moving up an down in their intense rehearsals every evening as they head for their first offical run in Tembisa, from 24th to 26th of March 2017. 

the most joyful moments in theatre are: the rehearsal period and the last bow moment. 

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