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aspiring actors, actresses,extras and writers

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Job Summary

Deadline: 31st Oct 2017
aspiring actors, actresses,extras and writers
Motivation Africa

Job Details

Applications must be submitted no later than 31st Oct 2017.

We are looking for inexperienced aspiring actors and actresses for upcoming motivational Kasi story about "Bullying" at schools. we are looking for 4 male actors (age 21-35), 3 female actresses (age 21-35), 3 guys (age 18-20), 2 ladies(age 18-20) and 5 extras all ages.

All races including foreign nationals.

If you think you have got what it takes send us your name & surname, age, and two pictures(half & full) to motivationals@gmail.com(att:Lusanda)

 visit https://stevenmotivation.blogspot.com

Please share it with friends and family.


This job was listed on 11th Oct 2017 by On point casting agency.

aspiring actors, actresses,extras and writers, Motivation Africa, aspiring actors and actresses, inexperienced actors and actresses, extras, short film,


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