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Creative Director

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Job Summary

Deadline: 21st Oct 2017
Creative Director
Sparkplugs Recruitment

Job Details

Applications must be submitted no later than 21st Oct 2017.

Our client is a multi-disciplinary, award-winning creative agency that's in love with motion design in all shapes and sizes.

Using design, illustration, 2D animation, 3D animation, editorial and live action production - we strive to strategically and emotionally connect brands and agencies with their consumers and approach every project with a unique and positive perspective using design, illustration, 2D animation, 3D animation, editorial and live action production. 

We are currently looking for an awesome creative director; a passionate and talented individual with a deep-seated desire to be the best they can be An individual with brilliant ideas and stories to tell, needing a platform and a great support team.

  • Minimum eight+ years' experience as a senior design director   
  • Minimum three+ years of experience as manager/managing a creative pipeline with multiple deliveries and outcomes successfully 
  • Pro-active problem solving 
  • Strong decision maker 
  • Fantastic people and communication skills 
  • Direction of multiple projects at once, while willing to take on the design of special projects too 
  • Comprehensive knowledge to direct 2D and 3D animation processes in both Maya and 3DS Max as well as an extensive design background and practice of Adobe CS 6 Suite 
  • Understanding client expectations and giving them more than expected 
  • Forward-looking, solution-driven approach 
  • Thorough experience in the briefing process (in both putting briefs together as well as briefing) 
  • Great with creative writing and conceptualisation 
  • Experience with client presentations and nurturing relationships 
  • Brilliant at creative problem solving 
  • Optimistic in the most complex of projects   



This job was listed on 12th Oct 2017 by Media Source Africa.

Creative Director, Sparkplugs Recruitment


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