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The Venue

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Location Details

Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

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A very interesting and unique underground premises, provides safe, private, quite and cozy environment, in the Heart of the mother city Cape Town.

4 units, total size of 600m2.

Unit 2 comes with Sound Recording Studio (Recording room connected to control room) the studio comes with FULL sound proof walls/ doors and beautiful wooden floors with rubber underneath to isolate echo and noise.

The high ceiling is ideal for props, sets, camera and lighting storage, LOTS of extra rooms ideal for makeup artists, catering, chill rooms, and many more

IDEAL for foreign or out of cape town clients/ as well, as some rooms can be converted into a flatlet, which in return save time, energy, money and transportation...

It has a lot of potential, in a great location, 24hr security with access code, Cyber smart Fibre Optic Internet connectivity available, full ventilation system installed, Brand new carpets, Air Conditions in some rooms, etc ...

Location listed by TheVenue.


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