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Key Skills Cameras:
Panasonic DMC-GH4 (4K) Sony HVR-A1U / HXRNX5U / PDW700 / PDW530 / PD50 / PD70 / FS700 Panasonic AG-HPX372EN Canon 5D mark II (Video & Stills) GoPro HERO2 (3D) JVC GS-TD1 3D  
Editing Software:
Final Cut Pro 7 and X, Adobe Premier Pro  
Other Applications:
MS Office Suite
Quicklink Compression Store & Forward and Live
Livestream networking
Limelight CDN management
Website backend management
TVU Mobile Live
Other skills:
Windows and Mac OS  
Producing Experience in voice-over work.
Primary School – President Steyn – Bloemfontein Secondary School – HTS Louis Botha – Bloemfontein – Class of ‘83 Highest Grade passed – Grade 12
Other Training:
DVC PRO Laptop Editing Course (With Distinction) - SABC MIDI Productions – SABC Outside Productions – SABC Music Productions – SABC
Awards & Recognition:
Received an ARTES certificate for outstanding contributions in the field of Radio Programs. Received a certificate for Champions of Change.
Received a certificate for Service Excellence.
Received special recognition for Woza2010 at the SAB Sports Journalist of the Year event.
Produced the very first HD show that was ever broadcasted on SuperSport International.  
Employment History:
SABC Radio and Television    January 1990 till November 2001
During my time at the SABC in Bloemfontein I first qualified as a Sound Engineer working at the local radio station. During my career as a sound engineer I learned everything about microphones and how to use them to enhance sound productions. Regional television was born and I got a position at SABC TV News as a cameraman. During this time I went onto various courses to be trained as a cameraman and journalist. I also got experience in wildlife filming for the SABC’s 50/50 program. I produced inserts for SA Today as well. I was the first cameraman / producer that was allowed to research, shoot and edit productions on my own for the SABC during those years. This was when one-man productions started at the SABC. It was during these years that I was involved in the daily coverage of Lesotho’s darkest time in history, the intervention of the SADC troops onto Maseru. I also did quit a few “Fokus met Freek” productions during our stay in Lesotho.
SABC Africa    January 2002 till September 2004  
I decided to move to Johannesburg and got a position at SABC Africa as a Video Editor at the Aucklandpark studios. During this time I also voiced inserts that was then broadcasted on SABC Africa. I worked an early morning shift and decided to help the SABC Training department in training young and upcoming cameramen during my off time in the afternoons. The training was exciting work purely to see the talent of upcoming cameramen and producers and to know that maybe one day we will have another great producer or filmmaker in this country.
MIDI TV Pty Ltd         October 2004 till June 2006  
During my time at ETV I had the opportunity to cover the 2004/5 Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Thailand for eNews. On my arrival back I was offered a position at 3rd Degree. This was the turning point in my career and I got tremendous experience in Investigative Journalism and documentary productions. During this time I was put in the hot spot on a number of occasions. I’ve got pepper sprayed, guns pointed at me and even had to play the role of a pedophile in one of our productions. This gave me tremendous experience and would love to share this with upcoming cameramen / producers.
WildCam Pty Ltd (Privately owned Production House)      July 2006 till December 2011  
I Joined WildCam and produced and shoot the 2010 FIFA World Cup show for SuperSport. Woza 2010 was born and I love every moment of it. Once again I had to research everything and set up all interviews and shoots. I saw all the new stadiums rise from the ground until they where finished. I produced 46 X 30 min programs for SuperSport and this was their very first HD program to be aired. Woza2010 got a special mention for show of the year at the SAB Sport Journalist of the Year event. During this time I also produced a 10 X 30 min travel magazine show for kykNET. A Couple of my friends and myself went on a motorbike tour to Namibia and Zanzibar. I filmed everything and drove my own motorbike to these destinations. The kykNET production also got an international taste, as the theme music for the last six episodes was specially written and produced by a South African woman living in Australia. During my time at WildCam we mastered the method of transmitting live video via 4G mobile networks to our clients. I was in charge of this project that was taken over by NETNEWS. It was also during my time at WildCam that we experimented shooting in 3D. I went to Sudwana Bay and shot 3D footage while scuba diving.
NETNEWS / WildCam (Privately owned Production House)           January 2012 till now  
Although the same company as WildCam we started an Internet news channel of witch I was the National Content Editor. During my time with WildCam the CEO and myself started researching various methods of compressing video files that can be used on the Internet or for live streaming purposes. Currently we are doing all the live streaming for SuperSport Blitz. We also produced daily news from different communities around South Africa. The main purpose for the website is to spread positive news from all over South Africa to the world. I’m also responsible to educate and train other users on our compression software all over Africa. Due to this I travelled extensively to Ghana, Tanzania, Angola, Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria. I was also responsible to install and train employees of Channel 10, SKY and FOX in Sydney to use TVU mobile backpacks. I planned and produced the live Internet broadcast of the 2013 MOST Awards from Room5 in Rivonia, with huge success. This is also the second year in a row that I produce content for the Bachelor & Bachelorette of the Year competition and I’m also directing the Gala Evening for this event. The Bachelor & Bachelorette of the Year competition is the brainchild of Jacques Momberg from Copperstone Promotions and all proceeds are going to the Cancer Association of South Africa. During 2014 I played a major role in syndicating the live video and audio feeds from the Pretoria High Court during the Oscar Pistorius murder trial to all radio and television stations. I’m currently producing short Arts & Culture videos for our YouTube Channel – Net News. Files can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXwewPwAhiI&list=PLSM8Itu1rgowfhxPeH5PvUKWZkzL949xF  
Wendy de Bruin – General Manager - Wildcam wendy@wildcam.tv +27 82 7894172 +27 11 7817822  
Megan Wilson – CEO – 360 Degrees megan@360degrees.co.za +27 82 8524547  
Michelle Kirby – 360 Degrees Michelle@360degrees.co.za +27 82 8846267  
Elliot Woods – Media & Communications Manager - Brumbies E.Woods@Brumbies.com.au +61 449 252 120  
Jacques Momberg – Owner Copperstone Productions +27 82 7710533 Jacques@c-stone.co.za  
Crystal Arnold - Producer / Journalist – SuperSport Crystal.Arnold@supersport.co.za +27 83 2920083  
Bobby Skinstad - Commentator / Producer – SuperSport bob@skinstad.biz +27 82 9944442  
Ric Carter – Network News Editor –Seven Networks - Australia RCarter@seven.co.au +61 2 87777815/9 Office - +62 418 249909 Mobile  
Websites as reference