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Our long term vision is to produce content for the South African and overseas film industry, focussing specifically on various types of fiction.

One of our key objectives is to create inspiring and thought provoking content for feature films, television series and online webisode based series.

Besides our work for various Clients, we have 4 short film scripts ready for production, 1 shortfilm in development, 1 feature film screenplay seeking representation and a second feature film screenplay currently in revision.

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26th Jun 2017

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30th Jan 2017
We live in a world of words. Every idea, every venture, every sale and every deal hinges on one single thing. Our mastery of words. By it we have built cities, roads, farms and jet planes, rockets and cellphones, hot dogs and pizzas. Is it any wonder the most effective video content has a firm grasp of the words it communicates to its audience. At Logline Productions, we strive to polish the words before we pick up a camera. We put in that extra effort to make your script really shine. Ultimately this is good for your message and good for your pocket because at the end of the day, your message and your video content are both important. Logline Productions - Creators of Video Content

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7th Dec 2016
We have some fantastic news. The roughcut of Worthy Webisode One is finally here and we can now start focussing on polishing our first webisode and get it ready for private screening. We are seeking our future HOD's for the following departments. You do not have to be a veteran but your collaborative spirit, belief in the project, and passion for film will secure your role. - Cinematographer - Production Designer - Editor - CG Artist - Script Supervisor - Location Sound We have another 3 webisodes to fund and we would like to start attracting our future team who are passionate about contemporary South African stories. Drop us a link to your showreel and let's get talking.

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28th Nov 2016
Worthy Webisode One is coming along nicely. We are tying off on second unit, and laid down a rough cut for each scene. This past Saturday we shot our final and pivotal scene pushing through into early night. Graciously the weather was truly on our side most of the time. ARE YOU A MUSIC COMPOSER? We are sending out a pay-it-forward invitation to a Music Composer who enjoys the music of Lost, Walking Dead, Revolution, War of the Worlds. Your showreel must impress. We want you to partner with us, with the possiblity of long term contract based on the length of an initial 4 part webisode series.


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