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Training & Skills Development



& Digital

Post & Video/Film Production & Development

Ø Business & Personal   Coaching

Ø Financial Coaching

Ø Business & Personal Assessment/Evaluation/ Analysing Sessions

Ø Mentorships & Workshops for SME/SMME/Micro and etc.

Ø Scriptwriting

Ø Animation

Ø Photography

Ø Cinematography

Ø Film Director

Ø Graphic Design

Ø Web Development

Ø Deejay

Ø Sound Engineer

Ø Film/Video Editing

Ø Copy Writing

Ø TV & Radio Presenting

Ø TV Producer

Ø Acting

Ø Business Presentation 

Ø Web based Training



Ø  Multi-media consultation

Ø  Animation

Ø  Audio Visual Solution

Ø  Set & Stage Design

Ø  Tailored Sound Reinforcement

Ø  Show/Concept Conceptualisation

Ø  Lighting Design

Ø  Broadcasting & Video Conferencing

Ø  Produce Business & Academic Presentation

Ø  Video Production

Ø  We Design

Ø  Event Staging of Business & Academic Presentation, Conferences, Road shows, Rally’s, Campaigns & Product Launches

Ø  Event & Dialogue Development, Planning and Management

Ø  Project Development, Planning and Management

Ø  Printing Solution

Ø  Billboards (outdoor, mobile billboard & branding)

Ø  Advertising

Ø  Graphics and web development

Ø  Concept store

Ø  Sports Events and Filming

Ø  News events

Ø  Award Ceremony

Ø  Gala Dinners


Ø  Conference and seminar

Ø  Documentaries

Ø  In-House Creative & Copywriting

Ø  Commercial, Webmercials & Rich Media

Ø  Event development, planning, coordinating and organising

Ø  Dialogue development, planning, organising, coordinating and etc.

Ø  Catering, décor and hospitality


Ø Digital Video Editing

Ø Games/Apps Programming Help w/   Production ideas & Outlining

Ø Script Writing, Editing & Consultation

Ø Concept Development

Ø Out Sourcing Talent

Ø Location Scouting and Management

Ø Storyboarding

Ø Budget Creation and Management

Ø Creative Development

Ø SOW detailing creative guidelines  and considerations

Ø Concept Development with Mood Boards

Ø Multilingual Translation

Ø Production Planning & Management

Ø Scheduling

Ø Logistics

Ø Production Design

Ø Producing

Ø Directing Production Manager

Ø Project Management & Scoping

Ø Legal & Accounting support

Ø Shooting Permit

Ø Design Corporate Videos

Ø Film, Commercial, Television high quality dailies, editorial, editorial, visual effects, colour correction, grading and assembly

Ø Composition/Keying

Ø Titling

Ø Close Captioning

Ø Compression

Ø Assistance w/Hosting/Embedding

Ø Assistance w/Video SEO

Ø 3D Animation & Motion Graphics

Ø Movie Trailer

Ø Health & Safety Videos

Ø Broadcast promo

Ø Demo videos

Ø Marketing Videos

Ø Explainer videos

Ø CEO/Company Profile

Ø Sizzle Reels

Ø Brand Video

Ø Teaser Video

Ø Video Billboard

Ø Viral Videos

Ø Concept Visuals 

Ø Seed Production


Casting & Artists/ Talent Management

Post Production


Ø Corporate Event Photography

Ø Golf Day Photography

Ø Conference Photography

Ø Corporate Photography

Ø Portrait Photography

Ø Corporate Portrait

Ø Event Photography

Ø Album cover, Posters, Press Photos, Artists Production, Website, Blog’s and Calendars

Ø Architectural and Commercial Photography

Ø Beauty and Fashion Photography

Ø The and Artistic nudes

Ø Wedding Photography

Ø Fashion Shoot  

Ø Photo Book

Ø Photo Collage 

Ø Actors/Actress

Ø Presenters

Ø Dancers

Ø Voice Over Artists

Ø News Anchors

Ø Deejays

Ø Poets

Ø Scriptwriters

Ø Authors

Ø Sportsman/Women

Ø Models

Ø Musicians

Ø Characters


Ø Foley

Ø Recording & Re-recording

Ø Sound Design & Editorial

Ø Music Editorial

Ø Game Audio

Ø Audio Circus

Ø Television Animation Sound Scoring

Ø DVD Audio Mastering

Ø Audio Restoration

Ø Archive

Ø Transfer

Ø Laydown/Layback

Ø Screening Rooms

Ø Projection Service

Ø Emerging Media

Ø Remote Recording

Ø Mobile ADR

Ø Custom Field Recording

Ø Recording Studio-Radio Production/Voice Over Casting

Ø Original Music & Jingles

Public Relation

Ø Celerity PR

Ø Brand PR

Ø Sports PR

Ø Beauty PR

Ø Charity Celerity PR

Ø Celerity Engagement

Ø Fashion Designer PR

Ø Sports Coach PR

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16th Aug 2016

16th Aug 2016

16th Aug 2016

16th Aug 2016

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16th Aug 2016


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