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MAXISKY MEDIA is an innovative and digitally progressive Film & Television production company in South Africa. It is a proudly 100% black owned production company that was set up with the objective of delivering a film and television production solution to its clients respectively. Maxisky Media provides a broad range of services, including: film production, documentaries, commercials and photography.

One of Maxisky Media’s aims is to improve the operational aspect of the film and television industry. It is envisaged that this production company will grow from small operation to the production that will employ more Crew members and grow on a yearly basis. The production will thrive in the fact that it will create a rapport with its clients who often refer business to them.


To make an innovative world-class moving visual images for the film and television industry in South Africa and across the world.


To develop and produce a slate of quality, multi-genre films of exceptionally high production value for a modest budget that provide strong audience entertainment and commercial viability using our top-flight Infrastructure, Crew, and Distribution Network.


To promote, develop, encourage, support, maintain and increase the quality of films and film- making in South Africa.

To use this film production as a springboard for future business opportunities and expansion.


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13th Jul 2017


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