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GraduateCrew listed an item in the market
9th Oct 2017
Crew Wanted
Johannesburg, South Africa
Ability to join Graduate Crew's Agency to receive representation as a crew member in the film, television and theatre industry

GraduateCrew listed an item in the market
19th Sep 2017
Make - Up Artists Needing Representation
Johannesburg, South Africa
Graduate Crew is a young and budding Crewing Agency, bringing young qualified professional crew people where they're needed, on set.

GraduateCrew listed an item in the market
29th Aug 2017
Graduate Crew
Johannesburg, South Africa
We are fresh, budding, young Crewing Agency, with Plenty Young hungry and enthusiastic, not to mention fully qualified Professionals!... on our books, ready at a moments notice to give you the help you need. Don't hesitate to contact Jesse Robertson at 0844621510


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