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Daniel William Kent
Nairobi, Kenya
Broadcast and Film creative services and creative pipeline consultancy
Songhai Technologies Inc.
Houston, United States
Songhai Technologies Inc. is a global information and communications technology company that creates and develops seamless and user friendly consumer technologies adapted for ease of access with modern gadgetry.
BSL Media & Marketing
Freetown, Sierra Leone
BSL Media & Marketing is a media production company based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We are able to cover any kind of subjects and stories under different formats such as documentaries, video journalism, TV programms, TV commercials, corporates...
AFPRO Connect
Johannesburg, South Africa
Trade Shows
Santa Asbury
Johannesburg, South Africa
Freelance Agency Producer with almost 35 years experience in Theatre, Film and Advertising Industry.
Isundu Talent Agency
Cape Town, South Africa
Isundu Talent agency is a township based talent agency. We scout, sign up and manage the talented youth of our colourful townships!
decency casting agency
Johannesburg, South Africa
decency casting agency its a casting agent developing young upcoming artists in south africa mostly in townships and rural areas our aim is to search the hidden talents in places were media does not reach and provide training and exposure
Prompt Side Entertainment
Johannesburg, South Africa
Prompt Side Entertainment is a media enterprise that specializes in online media publications, arts public relations, and production and talent management.
International Beauty Movement
New York, United States
The International Beauty Movement aka I.B.M. is a fashion and entertainment member network that is designed to open doors for the most creative and unique women in the fields of fashion, beauty, and entertainment.
Steve Castings
Johannesburg, South Africa
Casting Director, Agency and Commercial Photographer in South Africa