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Eckard Groenwald
Sea Point, South Africa
All rounder when it comes to creating visual stories and thought provoking content.
Lisa Labinjoh
Cape Town, South Africa
I'm a BBC trained producer and director based in Cape Town. As well as being an accomplished cameraman, both above and below the water, I'm available excited about new freelance opportunities in either film, tv or commercials.
Thero Gabaraane
Johannesburg, South Africa
I'm an animation generalist with a keen eye for character animation and illustration.
Tlotlo Kedijang
Johannesburg, South Africa
I'm a qualified sound engineer, specialized in audio post production, location sound recordist with own gear. Overall film creative genius.
Andrew Mageto
Nairobi, Kenya
Young DOP trained in South Africa Capetown and now working in Kenya, Nairobi. Doubling up as a stills photographer.
David Efe
Cape Town, South Africa
My name is David Efe, I am a graphic & web designer, short music video/ film director and editor.
Gray Kotze
Cape Town, South Africa
I'm a cinematographer & photographer based in Cape Town. I have shot award winning short films, a feature film and have experience in various photographic fields.
Kat Kovacs-Turner
Johannesburg, South Africa
I'm a highly experienced independent video editor who works on Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.
Oliver Swartz
Johannesburg, South Africa
My background is photography, which is how I became to be a cinematographer and I've been involved in for over 5 years. I've worked on countless short films, including two of my own (vimeo link below) and music videos (youtube link below).
Pretoria, South Africa
I am a music producing and engineering filmmaker